Good Morning Little School Girl…

Posted on October 31st 2009 by Isabella @ 4:04 PM

Yeah that’s right – little school girl – thats how I’m dressed up for Halloween – how do you think I’d do as an oh so innocent little Catholic school girl – picture it – me – hair in little pigtails – little short plaid skirt – white blouse knotted below my pretty boobies – white thigh high stockings and high heel maryjanes – little tiny white cotton panties – would that get up fool YOU for a minute?
Or is it as obvious as I think that the horny little devil shows right through! Well its still fun to play isn’t it, and I want to play with YOU! I’ll even help you get dressed up – how do you think YOU will feel in a pair of my sexy silk thong panties and a sheer baby doll top – and let’s imagine pulling a pair of my silk stockings up your legs – ohhhh baby you are looking DELICIOUS. Now THAT is just the beginning of the naughty shenanigans we can get up to – don’t be shy – call me – 1-866-860-6969.

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Halloween Phone Sex With Tranny JoJo

Posted on October 30th 2009 by Jojo @ 12:52 AM

So we meet at the bar and you have a devil costume on and I have a Bunny Outfit on Halloween, You Invite me to your house and we get a little hot in these costumes so we start taking them off. I have my back to you and you whisper behind me “trick or treat” moving your cock next to my bare butt. I turn around and you get this shocked look seeing my hard cock facing yours. My mellow sweet voice says. “Oh this is not a trick and if you calm down you will get the treat of your life.

I am sure you want to know what happens next. But why not do this fantasy with me and let me show you what a chick with a dick can do to you baby.

Jojo 1-877-767-7019

Call me and mention this add and I will have a Halloween Special for you.

Happy Halloween !!

Let me show you why I am More Than a Woman

Let me show you why I am More Than a Woman

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Is it the World Series or are you just Happy to see Me?

Posted on October 29th 2009 by Dacey @ 5:53 AM

Is that a baseball bat in your shorts honey – because if it is I can only say to you that its time you stepped up to MY plate – thats right bring it on – take a few swings – and I must say between the two of us you know we have all the balls we need for a FINE game now don’t we! Well the Phillies took the first game – and you may not know this but I am originally from the south Jersey area and the Phillies are my home team. See New Jersey is a funny state – small but funny. There is north Jersey (very much NYC orriented) and there is SOUTH Jersey – Delaware Memorial Bridge, tomatoe and cranberry fields and bogs – and PHILADELPHIA. Cheese steaks, soft pretzels, the Liberty Bell – and the Phillies, The Flyers, the Eagles and the 76′ers. But enough sports talk – lets talk about our balls and bats – come on tiger – give me a call – mention ONE of the Philadelphia sports teams or things Philadelphia is famous for and I’ll give you a break on the cost of a call! How can you go wrong……1-888-693-0569

Women with Tits and Dicks Oh MY!

Posted on October 28th 2009 by Marla @ 11:18 PM

Your curiosity can get you so much more then satisfaction with women like me. We know the pleasure of both worlds. Our hot bodies wrapped around your cock giving you the ultimate explosion!

Cum on and satisfy your curiosity. Find out what it is like to hold us in your arms. Feel our tight sweet bodies shivering in anticipation.

Now it is up to you. How do you want to satisfy that curiosity? Close your eyes and picture how we meet.

Do you want me to trick you or do you already know what I have in my pretty panties?

Let us explore together!


Best Butt Phone Sex…Bottoms UP Baby!

Posted on October 27th 2009 by Calley @ 12:20 AM

Best BUTT Phone Sex! Don’t ya luv it?? I know you do you silly boy ;) Guess what? I luv “it” tooooooo! MMmmMMmmmmmm!


Best BUTT Phone Sex......#1-877-975-6936

What do you think baby? Do you think I have a cute bottom baby?? I know you do! Come on look at my cute butt! “”KISS IT NOW!”" Kiss my cute bottom! And then I will let you slide it in between my sweet sexy thighs and into my love tunnel! Then I will make you crazy hard, excited and happy. Then, baby, I will send you home to your beautiful wife! ‘Butt’ I get you first! ~smile!~ ~smile!~ ~wink!~ ~wink!~


Chick with a Dick Phone Sex For the Holiday’s

Posted on October 25th 2009 by Dulce @ 5:28 AM

Cum spend the holiday’s with a special lady just like me. Lets play dress up for Halloween I can make you into a pretty little Princess. Then we can go out to all the parties and I will have my Princess prance around and pick a couple of guys for us to bring home.

For Thanksgiving I love to celebrate with a hot trussed up turkey. You do know who that trussed up turkey is don’t you? That’s right boys you will be my hot butterball that I will cover with a special cream.

Then I want a special XXXmas don’t you? I know I have a special package just for you to unwrap. Let it snow because I will make sure you and I are burning hot!

Call me and let us get started on the Holiday’s!


Phone Sex Fun with Tranny JoJo

Posted on October 25th 2009 by Jojo @ 2:13 AM

Oh, Trick or Treat is soon here and do I have a Trick and Treat for you. You meet me at the bar and we have drinks.. We have great time and go to my place I find a nice robe to get comfortable an we sit on the couch. You run your hand up my robe and Trick there is my nice cock you feel.. First you are like What the Hell? Then you settle to listen to my sexy voice and How you are going to get the treat of your life.

How does the story end? You will have to call me and find out.

Jojo 1-877-767-7019

Let me Trick Or Treat You!!

Let me Trick Or Treat You!!

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