Janelle Submissive or Dominant

Posted on February 15th 2014 by Janelle @ 12:56 PM

Your answer is both! I can be such a good submissive girl giving my cock and all to you as you take me, make love to me, or maybe you want me to force myself on you no matter how much you try to push away and say no I get your pants down and my cock popped inside you. I honestly don’t know which is my favorite because I love both equally…. after a few good major domination sessions it’s nice to sit back and be the desired submissive whore to my man, so how about we play with both! Either way let’s get our cocks out to suck and fuck and all of the fun things I can do to you.

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My Nasty Night Out!

Posted on February 11th 2014 by Jojo @ 1:02 PM

I almost didn’t want to head to the bar on a Monday night thinking there wouldn’t be many to mingle with but boy was I wrong! I got dressed up in my favorite little red dress that goes just below my sweet ass cheeks, was in a real good mood and on the hunt for a good hung hungry cock! After a few drinks and many sexy stares my way I was approached by an extremely handsome man that was eager to get his hands on my hips and buying me a few drinks…..needless to say I headed home with him to his large nice house where he lived alone and things started getting kinky fast. the way my dress fit me while sitting down in his car I could see his urge to resist touching my legs all the way back to his place, so by the time we got in his front door he pushed me up against it and we began to make out so wildly, before I knew it I was laid on his bed in nothing but my matching red panties….the more he kissed down my body and got closer to my panties I couldn’t hide my hardness any longer, and boy was he pleasantly surprised. Turns out he’s always wanted a girl with a cock and continuously complimented me on how amazingly beautiful I was and surprised I had an even more beautiful cock underneath my dress. Let’s just say we sucked and fucked all night long, why don’t you call me for all the nasty details ;)
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Shemale Marla Loves Getting Fucked

Posted on May 28th 2013 by Marla @ 10:48 PM

Normally, I’m the one doing the fucking. Can you blame me? I’ve got the perfect cock for fucking a pretty mouth or ass like yours. But sometimes, I love being bent over and fucked like the little slut I am. Can’t you just imagine not only pulling up my skirt to reveal my tight ass, but stroking my hard cock at the same time you fuck me? Mmm, sounds like my idea of heaven! You want to climb on top of me and hump me until your balls are dry? All you have to do is call…but, once you fuck me, then it is my turn to fuck you! 877-646-2315

Worship Jojo From Head To Toe

Posted on May 20th 2013 by Jojo @ 6:08 PM

I am Jojo & I am ready to be your Mistress, your Goddess. I am 5’7, 125 lbs and nice full c-cup titties here and ready to hear you slowly kiss and lick your way to my satisfaction. I want to put my collar on you that reads “property of Jojo” and watch you work up to possibly being lucky enough to have my sweet uncut cock thrusting down your throat and getting your sweet tight little hole played with..Cum take a trip with me into fantasyland baby & let’s get as wild as you wish!


Sexy Tranny Janelle

Posted on March 9th 2013 by Janelle @ 10:26 PM

Well hello there all of my sweet and deliciously hard men that aren’t afraid to cross over to a beautiful side that I have and REALLY learn how to enjoy themselves! I love everyone from my sissy boys that I use as my slaves and worship my body to my guys who have been with shemales before and love to get fucked hard by me at the end of a beautiful spent night together. So whatever your flavor or favorite role play is I am the girl you wanna call.




Slutty Blonde Shemale…Miss Me Boys?

Posted on March 1st 2013 by Stevie @ 2:47 PM

MMMMM I must thank all of my hot and horny bi-curious bitches calling and cumming with me lately. All of my sexy manly sluts that want me to fuck them hard and so willing to suck me off. The nastier the better I always say! So virgin to shemales, bi-curious, full on my slave, whatever your taste don’t waste the time in thinking of calling me while starting at my ass naked pictures…do something about it. Call me toll free now while you look at my pictures and let me rock your socks off

-Slutty Stevie Just 4 You



Sexy Slutty Blonde Shemale Stevie

Posted on February 20th 2013 by Stevie @ 10:36 AM

Slutty Stevie here ready to be sucked and fucked and ready to please you. I love when I catch your eye immediately walking into the club with my long legs and beautiful long blonde hair..I’m the girl you knew you would follow home the second you landed your eyes on my sweet ass! Lucky for you you’d be surprised how fun and slutty I turn once we are alone together! Once things are getting real hot and heavy and your groping my tits and ass…anxious to get me out of my tight little skirt I can’t WAIT to show you my “extra” package for you to play with! I love seeing the reaction on your face when you are excited to suck on me and fuck me hard until I get to play with you. Call me anytime to finish how this amazing night will end….Here’s a little something to intrigue you and hope to hear from you VERY SOON!

-Slutty Stevie