Hot Anal Chick With A Dick Phone Sex

Posted on March 28th 2010 by Claudia @ 2:56 PM

How many times have you dreamed of your dick being buried in a tight ass? Yet there was something always missing wasn’t there? You need that something special to make that dream complete don’t you?

What you need is a sexy Chick with a Dick like me to make all your dreams come true. Having the best of both worlds at your finger tips. I know you will experience the biggest orgasm you have ever had when you think of your cock in my nice curvy tight ass.

Then again maybe you want to be on the receiving end of that hot Anal action? Feeling my tits on your back and my long hair tickling you as I hold onto your hips. Are you tingling with anticipation waiting to feel my cock rub up and down the crack of your ass?

Speaking of Anal I found a place that I think I would love to go to work for!

What do you think would this be a good place to work?

So come on and pick up that phone and lets have some Hot Anal Phone Sex!


Trannys Love To Flirt

Posted on March 27th 2010 by Stevie @ 12:46 PM

I think the art of flirtation has been diluted by the fast pace life most people lead. I can’t say that is true for me. Phonesex gives you the extra chance to slowly build sexual heat. She males seem to be extra equiped to handle this. I think it’s because we must be very sure a partner is reseptive to our advances befor we totaly commit to a sexual act. Tanilizing the mind of a lover way ahead of his cock is a tranny way of life. I can remember learning how to flirt before I learned to suck dick.(although that came real easy). Any way, call me sometime and let me seduce you and I’ll show you how hot it can be with a slow sexy build up. If you want ,wham bam thank you mam. ,I can sure do ya fast and furious but I hope you”ll try it me favorite way first.. You will be amazed how much it matters. CLICK FOR ME HERESweet shemale meat-Stevie

Sweet Chocolate Shemale PhoneSEX

Posted on March 23rd 2010 by Janelle @ 3:40 AM

Now boys I know you all have a sweet tooth for a little chocolate in your bed. You love the idea of having a booty call with someone who has a little junk in her trunk and you know only a little dark meat will do. I also know you have a secret desire for something a little extra special don’t you?

How would you like to be the envy of all the guys when we walk into the room. Watch them as they stare at us all the way to the table knowing they wish they were you with that bit of chocolate with all the right curves on your arm. See them drooling as we get up and go to the dance floor and slowly move together.

It’s ok to want that little extra special something! ~wink~



I miss you !

Posted on March 22nd 2010 by Calley @ 10:58 PM

Hot 4 u!  Call me now!    #1-877-975-6936
Hi Hunnnny! Where have you been? I am missing you 24/7! Day IN and Day OUT! If you get my drift Hunnnny ~wink~ !
I have been on a vaction for 1 week now but I am back home and ready to tell you all about it. OOOoOOOooH! Did I have fun! I stayed in a 5 STAR hotel and did the nasty all day and all night for a week with any one I could get my hot little hands on! I was real naughty! Please, let’s just keep this a secret between you and me…but…I ran an ad for the first time ever and met HAWT sexxxy MEN all day and night…in my hotel suite. Let’s just say I was the ‘HOtel HO’! I LUV being a naughty little tramp!
And I know you like it too! Let’s talk, let’s share! Call me!
I am waiting big boy! #1-877-975-6936

sweet tranny meat-Isabella

Posted on March 19th 2010 by Isabella @ 7:07 PM

Welcome baby, I ‘m so glad you stopped to see me. I was just about to take a long hot bath. You would not believe how much fun I have in a big tub of bubbles. The best is it touches all your sences. The wet warm water on all of you, the taste of a lovers mouth and the heady smell of bath bubbles are hard to resist. Sometimes my lovers have to drag me out of the water. I can hold my breath an incredibly long time so why not stay in here with me? We can always play other games later when its time to dry each other off, right? I think you get the picture. call me and spend some wet bubbly phone sex fun with me soon! CLICK HERE FOR A SWEET WET CHICK WITH A DICK!


Any Fetish Phone Sex With Jojo

Posted on March 12th 2010 by Jojo @ 2:57 PM

There are many kinds of fetishes that I can think of and with no taboos,then I am the T-Girl for you.

You would be surprised with a foot fetish what all I can do with my feet. I enjoy when my feet are handled sexually and kissed. Then you can see what I can do to you in return with my dainty feet.

There is a hose fetish that turns me on and allows me to use the hose over your body in many sensual ways. Then there is the pantie fetish that drives me wild when you suck me off through the panties.

I could go on and on about what type fetishes are out there.

You have a fetish to share with me? Then call me and let me show you what a chick with a dick can do.

Jojo: 1-877-767-7019

Do a call with me and get a sexy picture of me.

If You Have A Breast Fetish You Will Love These.

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Sensual Transgender Love and Phone Sex

Posted on March 11th 2010 by Riki @ 5:58 PM

Come on over to my place for a little fun and games. Let me show you what a Sensual creature I am. I know you dream of some hot Transgender Love and I am here to wrap my body around yours.

I want both of us to blow so hard we can’t walk. Lets have a party where I invite all my tranny friends. Can you imagine all that hot ass in one place?

As the night goes on we can enjoy some erotic games and end with who is the best at cock sucking. Are you up to be the judge of that game? Do you think you can with stand all of our hot mouths wrapped around your cock?

Give me a call and lets have some mind and cock blowing Phone Sex.