Beautiful Blonde Bombshell

Posted on May 19th 2013 by Jackie @ 3:39 PM

Hi, I’m Jackie. Like what you see? I think it’s what you don’t see that you want the most. This blonde bombshell has a cock and it’s our little secret. What we do behind closed doors is between you and me. You want to cum in my mouth? Bury yourself deep in my ass? Or is it you who wants to suck my dick? Is that it? You dream of having a cock in your mouth. Afraid to act on those thoughts? Lets explore those desires and let me show you how good it can be to have a chick with a dick. Lets get kinky baby. I want to make you blow your wad so hard you will want no other but me. I’ll make you want to cum back for more over and over again baby. I will never turn you away so call me any time that dick of yours thinks of this hot beautiful blonde bombshell!!


Walk on a Different Side of Kinky

Posted on March 31st 2013 by Jackie @ 9:29 PM

Do you want to walk on a different side of kinky? Experience something you’ve only fantasized about? Want to Role Play? Have the best of both worlds? Experience me!! I am a beautiful, luscious, long legged blonde that will rock your world and your cock! Your fantasies are my real desires. I will suck your cock or fuck your ass and turn around and let you do the same to me. If it’s your first time with a tranny, I promise to be gentle, unless you like otherwise. Either way you are guaranteed to blow your wad. If you want the looks of a beautiful woman but the pleasures of a nice hard cock, I am your girl. Cum and join me for the ride of your life!!!


Tucked or Untucked–inquiring minds want to know.

Posted on December 5th 2010 by Jackie @ 4:16 PM

The common questions amongst straights and gays when talking to a T-girl seems to be …”How do you tuck it away?” That really is not an easy thing to do for some. Over the years I have gotten use to tucking it, but it is not my preferred way. There are occasions where tucked is best, ie.. in a tight form fitting dress. I know I look good and it is important to me be seen as complete. But my preferred way it to keep it untuck. I love the feel of the panties rubbing against my vain of my cock. But you know JoJo, on the site here. She and I were talking, you know, girl talk. JoJo likes to keep it tucked. But she was being nasty cause she thinks it feels good to make the guys work to suck it out her panties. LOL. I like to have the head peaking out over the top of the panties. I am going to make it easy for you to suck my cock.
Call me Jackie or Hell be brave and do a two T-girl call with me and JoJo.

JoJo and I are good friends, at least good phone friends. We get along well, we are sluts from a different mother. Jackie
More about Tucking, gaffing and taping can be found here!

Do you need to be put in your place?

Posted on November 24th 2010 by Jackie @ 7:58 AM

Last night I was out on the town. There was a few of us girls out for a night of chit chat and drinking. We were minding our own business, talking and giggling. We were a little loud, I will admit that. But not causing any trouble at all.
We noticed these two guys, who kept looking at us. I was a little concern because they kept looking at me. I guess I thought they knew my secret. I was the only tgirl (tranny, shemale) in the group. We just ignored the guys. But later, I got up to go to the rest room. I took one of the girls with me, because it is just easier that way. We both went to the back, where the restroom were. But when we came out of the restroom, those same two guys were standing there seemingly waiting on us. We tried to step around the men. My friend made it but when I tried to pass one of the men reached out and grab my arm. He was a bit intimidating. He asked why I had gone into the female’s restroom because he knew I was not a woman. I was a little scared, but I have learned how to handle myself in these types of situations. I said “what do you mean”, and he just reached down and grabbed my jewels. I was startled. He pulled his hand back and said “That’s what I mean”. I stood there, what seemed like an hour but was only a few seconds. I knew this could go bad but I decided to handle it with humor. I reached down and grabbed my dick and said… Oh my God, how did this happen. When I went into the bathroom I was a woman. The girl with me, started giggling and grabbed my hand and pulled me from the guys and took me back to our table. We packed up our shit and got out of there. But not without making a little bit of a scene but really I just wanted to get away from the place has fast has I could.

I want to role play this out again with you. You can be those two bullies but this time I am going to show you who is in control. I am going to show you I am more woman than your wife and more man than you can handle. Do you need to be put in your place? I am totally serious. I need to take control and put this event to rest AND you will enjoy me doing it. Call me and let me show you who the bully really is!!!

Jackie… jerking for the boys.

Jack Off For Jackie– Tranny Phone Sex

Posted on November 16th 2010 by Jackie @ 8:33 PM


$2.50 a minute of melt in your mouth not in your hands good phone sex!

Hi I’m Jackie… Your little jack off babe-licious T-Girl. I’m am a confident woman and a happy male. I rarely dress in male appropriate attire but when I do, I can still rock a suit. But oddly, when I dress in male clothes now, I feel like I am dressing up, pretending to be something or someone I am not. I love men and women. I realize life is way too short to start getting picky. I enjoy having my cock sucked on and while I love men, I know some women who can suck cock with the best of them. I consider myself to be a woman of substance with a mind of a whore. I am eager to learn about you. I am a bit of a control freak with a wicked temper so be ready for some hot times with me. I have a boyfriend who loves to listen in while we talk if that is ok with you so if he is around he may want to hear me get off with you.
I look forward to enjoy you soon.

Jackie’s Walk in da Hood

Posted on October 7th 2009 by Jackie @ 11:43 PM

Sometimes, late at night, I go out walking in my neighborhood. My hood is old, established, and full of a colorful mix of characters. Some of my neighbors are over 100 years old; some are punk gangbanger kids who will never see 25. There is an old school strip mall-ette within about a mile of me, and I like walking up there in the wee morning hours, just to see what else shows up at the only business still open at 3am.

I will dress you up in my clothes!

My trek was well rewarded in the pre-dawn hours yesterday. The local Stop-and-Rob was busier than usual for that hour, and a wonderful assortment of odd sorts and local eccentrics filled the small store. While I was waiting in line, an absolutely stunning woman walked in the door, dressed to the nines, elegant, classy, devastatingly sexy. I recognized immediately that she possessed the same equipment between her legs that I did, and I was very curious where she was going or had just come from to be dressed so fabulously at that hour on a weekday.

As I left the store, I saw that she was not alone. Her companions had gotten out of their car, each an every one of them a beautiful chick with a dick, all dressed up for a night on the town.

They all looked confident, sexy, powerful……that is, all but one of them. She was clearly nervous, perhaps a bit awkward, and unsure of how to walk or sit or stand in clothes that she was not completely comfortable with wearing in public. The scent of a forced feminization virgin was heavy in the air, and I inhaled deeply. The woman I had seen first was returning to the car by then, and she smiled at me knowingly. The first time fairy fem noticed, and blushed so deeply that it made my cock rock hard right then and there.

There is so much more to tell, but I have run out of space to tell it properly. If you would like to hear what happened next, I invite you call me at 1-877-584-3152 and I will share all the fun details. Check out my page at, and then give me a call. We can talk about anything at all you like, although I do have a special fondness for shy little sissy fags that I can train, educate, and use for my own wicked pleasures!

Rates are $2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. We accept 4 Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Your sexy lady will bill your time. All information we ask you is solely for credit card verification. You must be over 21 to play with us. What I have to offer isn’t for little boys, only sissy boys!

A Little Something for Everyone!

Posted on September 23rd 2009 by Jackie @ 1:30 AM

Hi! My name is Jackie, and I thought I would stop by and introduce myself on our shiny new blog! If you are a visual kinda guy, and you want to get straight to the naked pictures, I won’t hold it against you, lol. Just click here to get to my page at HTTP://, otherwise, well, read on!

If you have already looked at my page, you probably noticed a few special things about me……and no I don’t mean THAT special thing……after all, you ARE looking at a site called, so I am pretty sure you expected that little something extra, lol.

I mean my dominant, and yes, sometimes even cruel, nature. I adore things like cock and ball torture, forced sissification, and I especially love making guys who think of themselves as straight literally beg me to fuck them with my perfect sized dick. Being a t-girl, what I also love is the guys who assume that because I am so pretty, because my eyes reveal the sweet side of my nature, because I am so very feminine, they think that I can’t inflict the kind of punishment they need. The look of surprise, satisfaction, and sometimes “omg be careful what you wish for” on their faces when I show them just how seductively compelling and in charge I am gets me every time.

Trust me, if I want you to nail your dick to a tree, I have ways of making you beg for the privilege!

sweet or spicy, your call!

I DO have a sweet side, though………it isn’t just a rumor, lol. I have a caller who usually likes it very rough, and I get to do all kinds of nasty, mean things to his tiny little cock, but one day he came to me looking for something a bit more gentle, a bit more loving guidance for his transformation to the sissy boy within. Knowing what I am capable of, I think he was probably a bit nervous at first, but it didn’t take me long at all to allay all his worries. As much of a bitch Mistress as I can be, as much as I can make you beg for more pain, I can also have my way with you through a more subtle, nurturing type of domination. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because you will submit, but you can also know that you can trust me to take you there the easy way or the hard way. It all depends on what you need, desire, and secretly long for.

If you haven’t already peeked at my pics, I bet you can’t wait to now, so I will make it easy and toss you my link again…just click here to see me at If you can’t wait to talk to me, you can call me right now in my home at 1-877-584-3152. I can’t wait to see what kind of mood you are in!

Rates are $2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. We accept 4 Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Your sexy lady will bill your time. All information we ask you is solely for credit card verification. You must be over 21 to play with us…..what we have isn’t for little boys!