Stevie phonesex tranny tricky

Posted on January 26th 2011 by Stevie @ 5:48 PM

I have been told if I didnt show my extra play toy that you would swear I was just a hot little blond natural girl. As you can see by my picture I am a whole lot more. More Fun! More ways to get off and damn good at all of it! Call me soon. I have a trick or two up my skirt for you! 1-877-355-6330 More Pics and Bio Here

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Like to be Humiliated? I’m Just the Tranny For You!

Posted on January 21st 2011 by Janelle @ 3:22 PM

All of us have areas of expertise, and I’ve often been told by my little humiliation sluts that I am artist. Of course, their opinions don’t matter, as they aren’t worthy of having opinions. But if they were…they’d be right in this instance. I’m good at humiliating men and making them my bitches because it makes my dick throb to do it. I love that power rush of seeing some sissy slut down on his hands and knees, ass exposed and raised, begging me to treat them like the little pathetic whores that they are.

You should hear the need in their voices as they whimper and ask for my cock. Only the best little cumdumpsters get to feel my rod push into their assholes. Think you’ve got what it takes for a session? Give me a call at 1-877-469-7320, and I’ll let you know if you can make the grade or not!

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Isabella Can Fix That!

Posted on January 20th 2011 by Isabella @ 5:09 PM

Ready For The Ride Of Your Life?

Hello , you can call me Izzy. That is quite a large package you have there. Bring it closer babe. Thats right, let me take a good look at your problem. Hmmm , I can fix that. Slide that big purple head right between my red lips and I.ll show you what I mean. There now if you would just turn around and grab your anckles I can finish what I just started. Slow baby, it can take all night if you like. If you want it fast and rough, well no problem. hang on tight. Izzy is ready to ride! Phone sex ultra fun is about to begin!

Pin Me Against the Wall.

Posted on January 9th 2011 by Jackie @ 6:25 PM

Slide in behind me, kiss my neck. Reach around feel my panties. Feel how hard you have me for your cock. Fuck me! Fuck me NOW!

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