Posted on September 15th 2010 by Isabella @ 12:46 PM


Hi Boys,
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Transgender PhoneSex and Hot 3 way fun

Posted on November 11th 2009 by Janelle @ 2:33 PM

I have to tell you about what happened on Veterans day. My girlfriend had been trying for months to get it setup for me to meet her boyfriend. We all have spoken many times on the phone.

Let me tell you the Phone Sex between my girlfriend and myself is so hot that we end up spent and falling asleep on the phone together. Though add in her boyfriend and I have to be honest I always end up shooting way to fast the first time. I just can’t seem to hold back no matter what I try when he is on the line with us.

Well Tues. she and I were having our nightly phone fun and just before she hangs up she tells me that I am expected at her house on Veterans day and hangs up before I could ask any questions. I tried calling back but all I could get out of her was just show up we will have some fun. So fine I dress up since I am not about to show up all frumpy since most of the time we end up going out to the club after a few hours of fun.

Well I showed up and she is dressed to kill I was drooling in more ways then one just looking at her. She tells me to come in and go sit on the couch and she is going to get me a drink. Of course I am curious as hell wondering what is up.

She comes back in and hands me a drink and tells me to close my eyes. Ok I close my eyes and I hear her moving around turning on the music lighting some candles and then I feel a hand sliding up between my thighs. I open my eyes and there he is the man with the magic voice slowly tickling his way up my inner thigh.

My girlfriend comes and sits next to me and starts nibbling her way down my neck. I feel her hot breath through the thin material of my dress as she captures my nipple and lightly bites. His fingers start caressing my panties lightly brushing the tip of my cock.

Give me a call and I will tell you exactly how the night went!


Women with Tits and Dicks Oh MY!

Posted on October 28th 2009 by Marla @ 11:18 PM

Your curiosity can get you so much more then satisfaction with women like me. We know the pleasure of both worlds. Our hot bodies wrapped around your cock giving you the ultimate explosion!

Cum on and satisfy your curiosity. Find out what it is like to hold us in your arms. Feel our tight sweet bodies shivering in anticipation.

Now it is up to you. How do you want to satisfy that curiosity? Close your eyes and picture how we meet.

Do you want me to trick you or do you already know what I have in my pretty panties?

Let us explore together!


Chick with a Dick Phone Sex For the Holiday’s

Posted on October 25th 2009 by Dulce @ 5:28 AM

Cum spend the holiday’s with a special lady just like me. Lets play dress up for Halloween I can make you into a pretty little Princess. Then we can go out to all the parties and I will have my Princess prance around and pick a couple of guys for us to bring home.

For Thanksgiving I love to celebrate with a hot trussed up turkey. You do know who that trussed up turkey is don’t you? That’s right boys you will be my hot butterball that I will cover with a special cream.

Then I want a special XXXmas don’t you? I know I have a special package just for you to unwrap. Let it snow because I will make sure you and I are burning hot!

Call me and let us get started on the Holiday’s!


Chick with a Dick Ass Worship PhoneSEX

Posted on October 11th 2009 by Janelle @ 8:41 PM

That’s it boys you know this Chick with a Dick LOVES to have her Ass Worshiped. I love it when you call for a hot session of PhoneSEX asking for me to sit on your face so that you can worship every inch of my hot ass. Using your tongue to lick every inch of my ass cheeks.

I had a boy last night that begged until he almost wept to feel my ass. Yes he just wanted to touch it and feel my soft skin in his hands. I made him beg and promise that he would do whatever I wanted before I even told him I would let him touch my ass with just his finger tips.

I love making you boys work so hard to just serve my every needs. Making you want and need to have me tell you to kiss my ass before you can even get a look at my nice hard cock. Anticipation makes you want me all the more doesn’t it?

Shemale PhoneSEX for Role Play and the Bi Curious

Posted on October 4th 2009 by Trinity @ 10:01 AM

I love Role Play with straight men and those who are Bi Curious but doing it while having PhoneSEX is so much more exciting. Think about it there are only so many ways you can move or actually do it in the bedroom but while your on the phone your imagination is your limit. Like the call I had where the guy wanted me to be double jointed every where.

The things he said he was doing to me and having me do to him in all the different positions he came up with.

Just something I know I could never do in the bedroom but damn if they were not hot hearing him describe how he bent me over backwards till my head was on top of my feet while he licked my ass and sucked my cock. So hot I almost shot my wad all over myself just thinking about it. I am sure you can come up with many different scenarios and Role Play ideas as well.

I am open to those straight men who love to role play that they find out what I am and tie me up and do all kinds of kinky nasty things to me. Or the Bi Curious guy that is to afraid to go out with a guy but loves the idea of being on his knees sucking my cock and looking up and seeing my beautiful perky tits. There are so many diffrent ways I can play with you!

So why don’t you grab that cock and phone and open your mind to all the different possibilities and give me a call!!


Gang Bang Tranny and Hot Kinky PhoneSex

Posted on October 1st 2009 by Marla @ 5:12 PM

I was talking to one of my boyfriends on the phone the other night and we were having Hot Kinky PhoneSex. I had to stop myself from cumming I didn’t want to cum till he did. He kept telling me all these nasty things he wanted to do to me, like cover me with chocolate and lick every inch of my body, I could almost feel his tongue on me.

He started talking about how he had always dreamed of seeing me get fucked by other guys and how much hotter it would be for me to be gang banged by some of his friends. I almost popped right then and there when I heard him talking like that. I told him how hot I was and how I was so close to cumming just thinking about a gang bang with him and his friends.

He suddenly told me he had to go but that he would call back so make sure I save myself for when he was back on the phone with me. I was a bit disappointed but of course I agreed. That half hour of waiting was so painful I kept wanting to masturbate I wanted to cum so hard just thinking about all those things he had said to me.

He finally called back and told me he had a surprise for me and that I had to wait and that when it showed up that I was to stay on the phone with him. I love surprises and told him of course I would stay on the phone with him. I thought he had gotten me something like flowers, jewelry, or even a pretty pair of panties.

So my door bell rings and I take the phone with me to answer bugging him to tell me what the surprise was. He said oh just open the door and find out. There standing in my door way was 5 of his friends one holding a video camera.

Want to find out exactly what my surprise was and all the hot nasty details give me a call 1-877-469-7320 I will love to replay what happened that night with you.