Shemale Marla Loves Getting Fucked

Posted on May 28th 2013 by Marla @ 10:48 PM

Normally, I’m the one doing the fucking. Can you blame me? I’ve got the perfect cock for fucking a pretty mouth or ass like yours. But sometimes, I love being bent over and fucked like the little slut I am. Can’t you just imagine not only pulling up my skirt to reveal my tight ass, but stroking my hard cock at the same time you fuck me? Mmm, sounds like my idea of heaven! You want to climb on top of me and hump me until your balls are dry? All you have to do is call…but, once you fuck me, then it is my turn to fuck you! 877-646-2315

Shemale PhoneSex For Bi Curious Anal Fun

Posted on September 30th 2010 by Marla @ 5:08 AM

Don’t be shy I won’t bite unless you want me to. I know that some times it is hard to speak up about those so naughty fantasies you have when you close your eyes and masturbate. With me you don’t have to worry I will be easy with you unless you want it rough.

Come and enjoy a call with me and I can give you the best of both worlds. Let me play out your dreams of hot sexy fun with a hard cock. Let us both enjoy some hot and sweaty anal fun.

Anyway you want it Shemale PhoneSex just for you! ;-)


Is It Penis Envy?

Posted on June 28th 2010 by Marla @ 3:52 AM

Is it Penis envy or is the world really that enamored with it? Almost every where you look you will find some one some where carving, cutting, painting, or molding a phallic symbol of some sort. Most time they use the excuse of it is just art.

Is it just art? I don’t think so. Though you know I do love a beautiful cock I some times wonder about this.

Then again in some instances it is just plain funny. Like burying your friend in the sand and then making it look like they have a huge/small dick or even making it look as if they have a dick for a head. Then of course it could just be that the person creating it is just dreaming it was theirs because they have a tiny little prick.

Well either way I have a special something you can play with all night long. I will be glad to let you have your hands all over it and me. So come on have some fun with a sexy Chick with a Dick and lets decide together why the cock is so important. ;-)


A Little Funny but Serious Fun!

Posted on May 16th 2010 by Marla @ 1:34 PM

How many times have you wished it was just a bit bigger? I know I have and we all know that morning wood is the hardest right? Well I found the perfect picture for us all to enjoy.

Now this is some serious wood. ~Wink~ A bit to big but still yummy to fantasize about. Think of all those fetish dreams this could satisfy.

So tell me if you had that where would you want to stick it. ~Smile~


Tranny Phone Fun with Food

Posted on February 7th 2010 by Marla @ 5:34 PM

Oh yes Food can be fun. I have a sexy boy who has a food fetish and he loves being on the Phone with a hot Tranny like me. He usually has quite a selection of yummy things to squish all over his body.

This last call he had chocolate pudding and strawberry jello. While I had him smear the chocolate pudding all over his chest and then lick his fingers clean I told him to stick his cock into the strawberry jello. I can just imagine the sticky mess he had to clean up but it was so fun listening to him get off to fucking that jello and sucking his fingers like he was sucking my cock.

Give me a call if you have any hot nasty no taboo’s fetishes you want to have fun with!


Transgender Slut Role Play PhoneSex

Posted on December 27th 2009 by Marla @ 3:15 AM

That’s right boys and girls I am a Transgender Slut who enjoys Role Play of all sorts. Whether it be during PhoneSex or in a bar. I know you have all had that role play in your dreams.

Saddling up to the bar next to a beautiful woman and dancing and drinking all night with her. Feeling your bodies rubbing together on the dance floor or having her hand sliding up and down your inner thigh as you talk. Having her invite you home or to her room where she seduces you.

There are so many hot fantasies I love to play out and I know you do to. Don’t be shy I won’t bite unless you want me to. I LOVE to stroke my cock as we play out your sexy fantasy listening to your breath getting heavy just as you start to blow.

Give me a call and lets blow each others minds!


Nasty T-Girl Phone Sex

Posted on November 22nd 2009 by Marla @ 1:47 AM

That’s right boys I am one of the nastiest T-Girls you will ever talk to. I love it dirty, nasty, and trashy, both in my sex life and on the phone. So whatever you have on your mind boys I am always open to raunchy fun.

Just like when I went out Wed. night by myself to the nastiest bar in town. I knew what I was getting myself into and WOW did I get it good! I am still a bit sore but it feels so good.

I started with just flirting with all the guys making my rounds just to see who I could hook. I got quite a few gropes but it almost seemed as if I was going to be going home disappointed. Till this group of guys came in for a bachelor party.

They were looking for some hot entertainment for the evening and I volunteered. We started with blow jobs in the bathroom and worked our way to me giving private lap dances in the back corner. I finally let on to some of them that I was extra special but extra nasty and didn’t mind it a bit rough.

I know you want to know everything that happened that night don’t you?

Lets just say I know that the one getting married won’t be telling his new wife all about everything that happened!

So call me up let me tell you all the dirty nasty details.