Succulent Jojo Has Something For You To Suck On

Posted on January 29th 2014 by Jojo @ 11:46 AM

That’s right baby I’m Jojo and I’m not only a whole lot of woman but a whole lot of “extra toys” to play with up under my skirt. You’ll love my curves, my long luscious hair, my nice full breasts, but most of all my sweet hard cock to suck on. Whether you are so surprised when my cock comes creeping out of my skirt and we both have the pleasure of me forcing myself on you, or you’ve loved the thought of being with a shemale and know just how to treat me sexually all night, I’m your girl! I’m toll free to call so stop thinking about it & just call me, my sweet voice will relax you more than you know ;)

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Ready to try something new?

Posted on January 24th 2014 by Marla @ 1:13 AM

If you saw me in a club, you’d never guess what I’ve got inside my panties, would you? You’d hit on me, maybe buy me a drink or two and then when I invite you back to my place, you’d say yes. You’d be anticipating a wet pussy to fuck but you’d quickly find out that you’ve got a hot girl with something extra. You might be a bit nervous at first, but that is normal. Just let me show you what to do and it will be wonderful. You’ll be a fantastic cock-sucker in no time at all…you’ll love every drop. 877 646 2315

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Say My Name….

Posted on January 22nd 2014 by Riki @ 7:04 AM

Say my name be my bitch. That’s right sugar boy you are all mine and you will do anything I ask to please me – because you worship and adore my hot body! We can go out on the town and you can be proud that a beautiful woman like me is on your arm – all silk and skin and seduction, turning heads…..then if you treat me right – we go back to my place – and you get on your knees and I let you suck my hard dick. If I’m very pleased with you I’ll let you shoot a load of gizz and then you can eat it out of your hand.

Dirty boy.


Heat slave Heat slave Cum Out To Play

Posted on January 20th 2014 by Stevie @ 9:43 PM

That’s right baby your still in my mind when I get into an extreme dominating moods. I want to be shoving favorite things into your piss hole to hear your reaction, I want you to scream my name out loud or in your head anytime you think of sexy fun objects fucking your cock hole or the burn you feel with every piss after we heat up that cock of yours. Be sure to get to your Master sooner than later, I have plans for you…..

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Beatiful Girl Jojo Has An Extra Package

Posted on January 16th 2014 by Jojo @ 6:52 PM

Hi I’m Jojo and I have spent many years being admired for the sensual curvy woman I am. I love making sure my hair, makeup and tits are absolute perfection each day. What most of you will love finding out is when we are alone and you go to play under my skirt, you’ll find smoothness…..kissable things….suckable things for you to play with. That’s right baby your going to love my cock as much as you love the rest of my petite body. Whether I am your first shemale or you’ve played with us before, I’ll please you in ways no complete man or complete woman can, for I have all the goods. So call toll free now to taste a little sample of >>Jojo<<


Sweet Sexy Janelle To Impregnate You

Posted on January 15th 2014 by Janelle @ 1:30 PM

I’m talking about a very special person to me that I have not heard from in a while but miss so very much. I hope you see this I think you’ll know who you are. MMM There are so many stiff mornings I think about having you in my ear whispering the sexy things I love to hear about you up under my skirt and having your wife every once in a while catch me fucking you so crazy and passionately. Many times that I stroke my cock and cum so hard just because of thinking of all the loving things I’d whisper in your ear  while I’m deep inside you pushing in my precious babies to grow inside you. You are definitely one of the few I get very soft, loving and passionate with so here is your blog love & I hope to hear from you ever so soon :) many kisses

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Thinking about you HEAT SLAVE!!!

Posted on January 12th 2014 by Stevie @ 6:26 PM

Hello Slave I hope you are following my blogs and still thinking of me any and every time your cock is on fire. I want you to see me dangling my sweet sexy cock to tease you right in front of your face so close you can almost taste me in front of your face while you take your piss. I want you to know I am imagining what exactly I will have you do with all the tools I have you gathering for our next call. MMM will you be able to cum for your Mistress in time or will I leave your sweet full sack explosively full before you decide to call next?? I will love to find out what will happen. Here are some extra images for you until we speak.



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