Izzy is back

Posted on July 28th 2012 by Isabella @ 3:42 AM

I remeber when I first started the phone sex tranny thing with Cottage Communications I had no idea I would have so much fun with you boys. You are like a walk in the park. I just know what to do to you. I know you like to watch me dress and undress. I have the body you alway wanted don’t I? My ass is a heart shape ass, exspecially when I bend over and arch my ass up in the air. I know you like that too, Just go ahead Master Hit that sweet ass. If you are into a blowjob phonesex or just wanting to do a little cheating Call Izzy. I am into pretty much anything from cock sucking to CBT. I will even tell you what to wear. So boys be ready to be Feminized, Izzy is Ready to Play.




Anyone Else Craving Cock?

Posted on July 20th 2012 by Calley @ 5:23 PM

Hello there all my sweet, hard boys! I’m Calley and I am always in need of some special attention! I’ve got a lot to offer from my beautiful smile all the way down to my cutely painted toes, I’m actually just what you’ve always been looking for. I’m the hot girl you can take out and have an incredibly fun time with, then take me back to your place to get to know all the little surprises I have under my skirt…let’s get dirty.

I seem to be having problems posting some of my favorite sexy photos but you can see me on my page too, the link is below. I hope you like what you see so that I can get a call from you very soon!



Shemale Phonesex

Posted on July 17th 2012 by Dulce @ 9:34 PM

Hello Boys,
My name is Dulce I am what you are looking for. I am hot, nasty and I have the tools you need. Yes I am a Chick with a Dick and I love it!! So if you want to have fun and talk about all the Taboo I am the girl you’r looking for. I am the Dominate Bitch you wish you were. So if you want to have some nasty phone sex just call me.



My Amazing slave

Posted on July 1st 2012 by Isabella @ 10:12 PM

I just wanted to let all you sissy boys that like to wear woman’s panties know that you are not the only one that likes it. I have this new slave that is amazing she does everything I tell her. Her name is Tasha and she is one hot bitch. Don’t you think so boys? Look how hot she looks in pink. Wow Amazing don’t you think? she is one hot bitch too, she loves it anyway you give it to her. Yesterday she called me up letting me know she found me another playmate that would dress her up for me. So guess what Sissy boys, Izzy has pictures to share. So if you want to let Izzy turn you out or just dress you up
Call me, you won’t be disappointed!!!!!