Shemale Isabella Showing Secrets

Posted on July 30th 2010 by Isabella @ 11:49 AM

Here you go boys, just a little taste of Izzy to wet your….. Well you know. Have a great time thinking of me while you check out the rest of my pics HERE. Then give me a call and lets spend some hot steamy summer time phonesex fun together. I can’t wait to teach you, tease you or be your suprize package . Let me take you on a ride on the dark side . It’s fun here. You can bring me any nasty game you can think of, or we can do one of mine. (I have Plenty)!
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Phone A Blond Tranny-We have More Fun!

Posted on July 26th 2010 by Stevie @ 7:28 PM

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Hot Summer Time Tranny Fun PhoneSEX

Posted on July 24th 2010 by Janelle @ 4:39 AM

Oh yes boys it is time for naked summer time fun with a sexy Tranny like me! You know you want a hot PhoneSEX fantasy where you and I have a romp in the sand. Just thinking about it gets my cock dribbling.

Actually my cock gets stiff just thinking about hot naked fun out under the sun. Do you want to go camping and have fun in a cool blue lake? How about having fun at a nudist colony?

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Lick My Tan Line- Shemale Phonesex

Posted on July 19th 2010 by Isabella @ 6:47 AM

Hey babe, I work hard to keep this butt tanned and smooth so you can have inspiration to stroke by. How do you think I’ve done so far? I have a close(lover) friend that loves to say how much he likes white meat. (The parts left untanned are the best). Clever little fucker isnt he? Personaly I love tall, dark and hung like Trigger;LOL Even so, I hope you enjoy my pics so far this summer,and are having such a great time looking that you want to call and tell me. I promise I’ll be thrilled to hear what you would like to do to my (white meat). Till then, have a great time and think nasty thoughts about your Isabella. You can tell me all about it when we get together! 1-866-860-6969 toll free-21 and over only

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Dominant Shemale Phone Sex

Posted on July 12th 2010 by Dulce @ 3:26 PM

I just love you boys who know that they prefer to serve on there knees for a Dominant Shemale like myself. Having you beg to suck my cock and lick my balls is such a rush. Don’t worry boys no one is going to know it was you with your mouth drooling for my cock.

Though I do like to share some of you with my good friends. You know who you are. ;-) Having yourself surrounded with beautiful women just like myself.

So no matter how you want it your going to get it. ~Evil Grin~