Posted on August 1st 2015 by Riki @ 1:08 AM

You’ve been waiting haven’t you doll??

Did you follow directions … 4 days until you whack the bone, after all you picked the Jack of Diamonds ;)

Then the time to cum … you picked the card doll    9AM  … You’ll whack for 9 minutes


And THANK Me sweet pet XOXOXOXXO

If your wondering my sweet pet David loves a task and BLUE BALLS …  Tuesday he was given the choice of 4 jacks if he picked the jack of hearts he could cum that day .. if not he must pick on and wait while his balls tightened

He then choose the 4 for 4 days … SATURDAY

Then the time …. 9AM

how many minutes to stroke  whack before he could explode … he once again choose the 9


Many loves to you pet if you followed your instructions to the T

Love Riki

Jack of Hearts

Next time Hearts or we’ll make it harder to find that BLUE BALL discipline XOXOXOX

Pssst – I have a secret!

Posted on March 29th 2013 by Riki @ 8:36 PM

Hi – I do have a secret – and I bet you know what it is! First, kiss me. Smell the perfume in my hair. Feel my curves molding to your body. Feel me pressing against you as our tongues dance – feel the passion heating up!

Run your hand up my silky thigh – higher – higher – there that’s it! Cup my balls you tranny-loving pervert! Get on your knees and suck my cock, oh yeah I knew you liked it like that! I’ll make you suck every drop of jism out of my shaft and beg for more!

Call your Riki for the hottest tranny sex around!

Just want to be dirty ;)

Posted on February 28th 2012 by Riki @ 10:36 PM

You know how sometimes you just get the urge to touch your self … holy shit doesn’t that feel good.  Just a little tug, a rub, take your fingers across the top of the head.  Then you think to your self what would it feel like to suck your own cock …

Fuck wouldn’t that be just grand!!

Then you think to your self, I really like putting my finger in my hole.  If only I could get my dick sucked and my hole poked ;)

Baby baby do I have an excellent idea for you …  my girl friend and I will come do that just for you … Make all your dreams and desires come true!!

She’ll suck your dick, you can suck on her and I will slide up inside your little tight hole XOOX

Dirty fun Im ready are you?!?!

Lets get this party started

I love a good party

Riki XOOX  1-800-814-0366

Phonesex with a Tranny

Posted on October 2nd 2011 by Riki @ 9:40 AM

October specials to suck a dick

Ask about a 5 minute minimum or the 2 buck fuck !!

1-877-787-7961 Ask the sexy bitch at the other end of the phone XoXoX

October specials

Mistress – Sissy phonesex

Posted on May 16th 2011 by Riki @ 5:49 PM

Do you have the great desire to keep me quiet about your needs and wants as a sissy slut, here for my pleasures! 

Please Mistress Please!!

These are the words I hear you beg as the cum mounts in those balls of yours.  Your need to explode has made you so vulnerable !!  You’ll offer anything to be allowed to cum.  You know if you pre-maturly ejaculate there will be HELL to pay. 

Your worthless little penis will be bound and gagged until further notice!!  There will be no orgasm for you !!  I’ll take pictures and share them with your colleagues, your neighbors, your family …. YOU BEG ON BENDED KNEES


I’ll pay the tax … how much today Mistress? 


I tease & torment my little sissy with a few more pounds to that tight tight ass stroking your very G-spot of that cute little sissy pussy of yours and offer you the tax … Goddess Cash = tax to allow your ejaculation … offer enough or there will be no cum for you and pictures will go out …..



The answers lie within your balls love … do you have the balls to play with me?

Yes Mistress is all I want to hear from your lips

 Time is wasting pet … let’s play

Mistress Riki


Punishment For Being a Cheating Slut

Posted on October 23rd 2010 by Riki @ 11:16 PM

My boyfriend caught us together last week. He was very angry but decided that he would just punish my cheating slutty ass. I was scared at first but oh it hurt so good.

He treated me like a true slut. This is a man who has always been nothing but a total sweet gentleman. If I knew what hid behind that sweet exterior I would have never brought you home with me, hmm then again maybe I still would have.

Even though I have to use a nice soft pillow to sit on right now from the spanking and fucking he gave me, I can’t help that I am hard and dribbling just thinking about all the things he did to me.

He called tonight to let me know that he will soon be coming over again to make sure I learned my lesson. God he is so good looking and has a great body but now I know that he is a real man as well. I am nervous but I can’t help wiggling in anticipation.

I wonder if he has any ideas on how he will punish you for tempting me into cheating since you knew I was with him.

Give me a call and we can talk about all the naughty things we did that night and all the ways he made me pay for those delicious things we did together.



Steamy SPA T-Girl PhoneSEX

Posted on June 17th 2010 by Riki @ 5:56 AM

I went to the Spa this last weekend and had a great time. Though I had myself poked, prodded, slathered, lathered, packed, and waxed and this was not even for fun. ~laugh~ What a girl will go through to look her best. ;-)

Well it seems that there are some very open minded men out there that enjoy a spa day as well. I myself find this refreshing to see a man willing to put himself through this just to look yummy. The Spa I went to is very unisex both men and women share the same facilities at the same time.

It was interesting to see men and women in the same mud bath. When I first seen there where guys and gals in there I was just a bit nervous ~shrug~ but what the heck right. Though I do think at least one guy was eyeballing some of us hoping for a spontaneous mud wrestling match. LOL

Well as you know I am a special woman and I don’t hide that fact. As a matter of fact even if I had wanted to I couldn’t not with all those hot bodies around me. I was very surprised to find that only one man seemed quite disgusted enough to always stay away from me.

Well I decided I needed time in the steam room. When I went in there was no one so I added more steam and laid back without my towel. I heard the door open and shut but by then I was to relaxed to worry or even open my eyes.

I would love to tell you every detail about what happened next. ;-)

So pick up the phone and give me a call!