Horny Blond Shemale Phonesex

Posted on April 21st 2011 by Stevie @ 9:08 AM

I am in the mood for a slow ride today. You know what I mean,right? I need a long sexy bout of serious forplay. Then follow it up with a” fuck me till I can’t walk” night of fun. So if you are in the mood too, give me a call. I have all the time in the world for you. Call and we will get this party started. 1-877-355-6330


Tranny Phonesex On A Rainy Day

Posted on August 30th 2010 by Isabella @ 1:17 PM

Crab Your Cock & Your Phone & Call Me!

It’s overcaste with a soft rain falling out side my window. I’m kicked back with a sweet little white camisole and thong on. The sound of rain always makes me all dreamy and horny. I’ve been thinking about the guy I last had. He was gray in all the right places and young enough to play all night but old enough to take control and knew how to make me melt. Actualy, I did everything but melt. I was hard for him till I thought I would faint.
You know the type, just had me going to look at him. What a beautiful hunk of meat. Anyway, I’m in the mood to share some of that cock lovin fun . Anybody feel the same? Call me, Its a good day to play long and hard. Kiss kiss, Isabella 1-866-860-6969

Isabella – Phone Sex Seductions

Posted on June 4th 2010 by Isabella @ 10:35 PM


You can jerk that beautiful piece of meat all you want but it is never going to be like spending time with me. I am a total cum slut tranny with an extremly hot sensual nature. The world I’ll take you to will become your next addiction. I’ll seduce, and manipuate you until you give in to me willingly and completely. You will go as high and as low as I desire and beg for more. Don’t worry baby, it will only hurt so good. Sometimes I may need you to perform for me and my hot friends, but there are other times I’ll want you all for myself. Come on ,take a ride with me. Its better than a rollercoaster in the dark. Call me soon, Isabella 1-866-860-6969

T-Girl Phone Sex

Posted on January 31st 2010 by Janelle @ 6:00 AM

I have this wonderful gentleman who loves to call T-Girls like me. The first time he called me he said that I attracted him because if it wasn’t for the pictures he would have never known I was a special girl. He told me that he loves to fantasize about his very first encounter with a SheMale.

How he knew she was special but was nervous about meeting up with her. They had been talking online for about 6 months and on the phone for 3 before he actually got the courage to ask to meet face to face. They met at a local club that they both enjoyed going to, a bit ironic to think they may have bumped into each other many times before this and never knew it, for some drinks.

Well things worked out where they ended up at a motel and enjoyed a few hours of each others bodies. The one thing he always changes in his fantasy on the phone though is that instead of knowing her he fantasizes that he didn’t know her or that she was a tranny. He loves to tell me that in his dreams he buys her a drink and they talk and dance till she invites him home.

When she gets him home and upstairs to her room she has him get naked for her and lay on the bed so that she can tease him. When he is so horny he feels like he could burst any moment she whispers in his ear that she wants to play a game. Of course he is all in agreement and she ties his hands and feet to the bed and slips out of her dress down to her panties.

She slowly starts rubbing herself giving him a little show. She turns around and slips off her panties he sees her stand up and start rubbing between her legs. He thinks she is just teasing him while she masturbates herself until she turns around and there is it is her huge throbbing cock.

Want to know more about what happens in his fantasy with her?


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Transgender Slut Role Play PhoneSex

Posted on December 27th 2009 by Marla @ 3:15 AM

That’s right boys and girls I am a Transgender Slut who enjoys Role Play of all sorts. Whether it be during PhoneSex or in a bar. I know you have all had that role play in your dreams.

Saddling up to the bar next to a beautiful woman and dancing and drinking all night with her. Feeling your bodies rubbing together on the dance floor or having her hand sliding up and down your inner thigh as you talk. Having her invite you home or to her room where she seduces you.

There are so many hot fantasies I love to play out and I know you do to. Don’t be shy I won’t bite unless you want me to. I LOVE to stroke my cock as we play out your sexy fantasy listening to your breath getting heavy just as you start to blow.

Give me a call and lets blow each others minds!


Transgender PhoneSex and Hot 3 way fun

Posted on November 11th 2009 by Janelle @ 2:33 PM

I have to tell you about what happened on Veterans day. My girlfriend had been trying for months to get it setup for me to meet her boyfriend. We all have spoken many times on the phone.

Let me tell you the Phone Sex between my girlfriend and myself is so hot that we end up spent and falling asleep on the phone together. Though add in her boyfriend and I have to be honest I always end up shooting way to fast the first time. I just can’t seem to hold back no matter what I try when he is on the line with us.

Well Tues. she and I were having our nightly phone fun and just before she hangs up she tells me that I am expected at her house on Veterans day and hangs up before I could ask any questions. I tried calling back but all I could get out of her was just show up we will have some fun. So fine I dress up since I am not about to show up all frumpy since most of the time we end up going out to the club after a few hours of fun.

Well I showed up and she is dressed to kill I was drooling in more ways then one just looking at her. She tells me to come in and go sit on the couch and she is going to get me a drink. Of course I am curious as hell wondering what is up.

She comes back in and hands me a drink and tells me to close my eyes. Ok I close my eyes and I hear her moving around turning on the music lighting some candles and then I feel a hand sliding up between my thighs. I open my eyes and there he is the man with the magic voice slowly tickling his way up my inner thigh.

My girlfriend comes and sits next to me and starts nibbling her way down my neck. I feel her hot breath through the thin material of my dress as she captures my nipple and lightly bites. His fingers start caressing my panties lightly brushing the tip of my cock.

Give me a call and I will tell you exactly how the night went!


Chick with a Dick Phone Sex For the Holiday’s

Posted on October 25th 2009 by Dulce @ 5:28 AM

Cum spend the holiday’s with a special lady just like me. Lets play dress up for Halloween I can make you into a pretty little Princess. Then we can go out to all the parties and I will have my Princess prance around and pick a couple of guys for us to bring home.

For Thanksgiving I love to celebrate with a hot trussed up turkey. You do know who that trussed up turkey is don’t you? That’s right boys you will be my hot butterball that I will cover with a special cream.

Then I want a special XXXmas don’t you? I know I have a special package just for you to unwrap. Let it snow because I will make sure you and I are burning hot!

Call me and let us get started on the Holiday’s!