Janelle Submissive or Dominant

Posted on February 15th 2014 by Janelle @ 12:56 PM

Your answer is both! I can be such a good submissive girl giving my cock and all to you as you take me, make love to me, or maybe you want me to force myself on you no matter how much you try to push away and say no I get your pants down and my cock popped inside you. I honestly don’t know which is my favorite because I love both equally…. after a few good major domination sessions it’s nice to sit back and be the desired submissive whore to my man, so how about we play with both! Either way let’s get our cocks out to suck and fuck and all of the fun things I can do to you.

1-877-469-7320  Janelle

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Sexy Dominant Shemale

Posted on February 1st 2013 by Janelle @ 4:37 PM

I am the seductive woman that stands out in any crowd! Whether you have a partner already I see your eyes can’t help but to look over me, worship me and crave me. I am Janelle and I love all the boys who play with me! I love especially my boys who need to be dominated! Make you dress up in little thong panties and skirts and bra’s make you feel like the real dirty little slut that you are. You can never go wrong with me knowing that I have the best of both worlds- my voluptuous large tits all the way down to my flat stomach, amazing legs and nice hard dick I have. For all of you who need a beautiful shemale such as myself to let you worship me from head to toe, whether your playing with someone like me for the first time, or you’ve already experienced the amazing world of shemale’s and you now can never get enough…I am your woman!! So don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and let me rock your socks off!




Are You Worthy?

Posted on October 13th 2011 by Janelle @ 2:07 PM

On your knees!!! You dirty little slut!

Don’t you dare lift your eyes from the floor until I tell you it is acceptable for you to do so….

You will do as your told! and you will love every cock teasing minute of it…

Your pretty little ass is just pulsing at the thought of the pleasures I can bring…

Prove your worth to me… worship my body like the Goddess that I am, and maybe… just maybe… I’ll let you cum today….

 Goddess Janelle

Tranny Transformation No Taboo PhoneSex

Posted on October 11th 2010 by Janelle @ 4:19 AM

Ok boys and girls the Halloween Holiday is upon us and we all know that means dressing up. For some of us it is dressing up as our fantasies. Like being a werewolf, vampire, or even Cleopatra.

For most of you it gives you the excuse to actually dress up as who you want to be or who you know you really are. Thats right, it is time to get those pretty dresses and stockings out. Or even that slut wear you have been hiding even from yourself.

Give one of us experienced in total transformation a call and we can have a no taboo PhoneSex conversation about who you are. We will even give you lessons on how to be that perfect princess you want to be. Let us teach you how to walk, talk, and dress the perfect you!

Looking forward to helping you transform yourself.


Cum Slut Fever

Posted on September 8th 2010 by Janelle @ 5:55 AM

I just love have a dirty little cum slut call me! Whether your new or have been sucking and fucking cock for awhile I want you. Teaching you how to take a big cock or taking that hot little mouth and well used ass is all the same to me.

There is nothing better then having a Chick With a Dick show you what it means to be the perfect little cock slave. Watching my big tits bounce as I ride your ass with my big fat cock. My big cum filled balls banging on yours.

Call me for hot cum slut Phone Sex and lets see how much cum you can really take!



Interracial No Taboo Tranny Transformation Phone Sex

Posted on August 12th 2010 by Janelle @ 3:56 AM

I had a wonderful call with the cutest little white sissy boy. He wanted to know if I could truly transform him into a beautiful woman. Now with some sissy boys you just can’t hide their male looks not without plastic surgery.

But with this cute little sissy we were already half way there. He has the prettiest feminine face and beautiful sapphire blue eyes and no adams apple to speak of. He has also grown his honey blond hair out to his shoulder blades so a little curl and wave and just the right color make up and bam you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at his face.

I would love to tell you everything so give me a call. Then again maybe you want this black Tranny to transform you?


T-Girl Phone Sex with a Twist

Posted on May 31st 2010 by Janelle @ 11:26 AM

I had a call from a gentleman yesterday and I loved his little role play he wanted. I was to be his baby sitter hired by his Mistress. Seems he had been such a naughty boy she could not leave him alone while she went away for the day.

She left me with a list of things he was to do and have done to him as punishment for being such a bad boy. One of the first things he was to do was clean the bathroom from top to bottom with a toothbrush. Now that is bad enough but he had to hold the toothbrush in his mouth and not use his hands while doing this.

If at any time he did use his hands I was to use a wooden paddle that had holes drilled in it on his ass. He was not to stop scrubbing until that bathroom sparkled. Now I look gentle but I do know how to keep a subbie in line.

I took her at her word and when he was done everything in that bathroom sparkled and he also had a nice cherry red ass. She also had him wearing a special metal chastity device she had specifically made just for him. This device had notches in it where special little torture devices could be inserted.

Now I will say I followed her instructions down to the very last detail and had such a fun time with his CBT punishment I just have to share it all with you. So if you want to know everything pick up that phone and call!