New Year Happiness for all Sissies

Posted on December 30th 2012 by Rosalie @ 2:08 PM

I rec’d a call from one of my pets today … wanting a NEW YEARS Celebration by giving his Sissy Ass a sweet blistering and then a fine fine fuck!!!!

Now that’s what I call a Celebration … giving a paddling like that always gets me sooooooooooooo fucking hard and what else should I do but give that hole a great poke ;)

Happy new Year sweet ones … Lets Celebrate!!

Let's Celebrate the entry

1-877-787-7961  hot line to all the nasty

Blonde Slutty Shemale For The Holidays

Posted on December 22nd 2012 by Stevie @ 2:13 PM

Cum on boys you are COMPLETELY missing out if your not calling all holiday season to undress this sexy, slutty blonde shemale as your gift! I am always so excited for when my phone rings…I get a little stiffy just to hear your voice and know your getting hot and bothered talking to me as I strip down and play with myself and describe all I would be doing to you if I had you alone and all to myself….Also have LOTS of discounts to offer for the holiday season so you don’t have to choose between traditional christmas needs AND have ALL OF ME!! So don’t be afraid to give in to all the fantasies you want to…Just call me and I will make things amazing!!


Holiday Phone Sex

Posted on December 13th 2012 by Bonnie @ 11:09 AM

We’ll put a little jingle under your branch this year XoX

Baby baby baby just spread those sweet legs, pull those cheeks apart … mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm good

I see that cute little holiday tart just beggin for a tap ….. jingle jingle baby all the way home …. mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh

How do you like my holiday hymn Tap tap now come on over love. ¬† We’re waiting and feeling very festive¬† XoX

I’ll want you singing our Christmas Carol so get that throat ready to hum a tune …

I better stop while I’m ahead too much egg nog in the morning makes me soo crazy horny … so sweets lets get it on and have some cheer

See ya soon 1-877-787-7961

Oh and Santa was so jolly he left you a special surprise … special prices for good little boys this holiday season XoX

Santa is ready for a little Jingle all the way

Jingle Jingle baby