Wake me in the Morning

Posted on November 22nd 2014 by Rosalie @ 12:26 AM

Dress up pretty and come on over sweet thing!!  I so love when you want to be a piggish little girl, you will do anything to please ;)  Tongue only baby … lets see what you can do to wake me…….

Wake the raw beast … lets fuck sweet thing

Call me pet 1-877-787-7961

Sexy-Tranny Phone sex

Posted on January 21st 2013 by Rosalie @ 2:00 PM

Anybody in the mood for just some sexy steamy love sex with a tranny ;)

I love to kiss and rub my partner make them really feel as though they are in the arms of a woman they will have for the rest of their lives.  Me in a pretty red dress, hose and heels.  Make-up light an alluring, the lipstick just pulls you into my mouth with your tongue wanting me.  Wanting to make love to my body, especially when it comes to licking and touching my entire body.

Sugar the way I can make you feel … you’ll be mine for ever more baby

Love to touch you baby

Call me when you want me .. when you need me .. when you can’t go on with out my lovin



Sweet Sissy Phonesex

Posted on November 21st 2010 by Rosalie @ 8:34 PM

My sweet boy wanted to play dress up with me, get in my panty drawer. Put on my hose, strap on a pair of my leather cum fuck me heels.  Two girls dressing up, doing our hair .. hell getting sleezy whorish!  Putting on sexy lingerie in hopes of a fine lay, an orgy would be best!!

Id love to pull your panties down for the boys ;)

Mama needs a Sissy XoX

We’re going to go find us some fine fuck buddies tonight ;)

For a little Nasty Sissy time ~wink~

Rosalie 1-888-456-5855

Halloweenie phonesex Treats

Posted on October 31st 2010 by Bonnie @ 2:22 PM

Hey baby doll have I got a TREAT for you ;)   I thought about going as a caveman crazy bitch … baby are you the crazy caveman that wants a treat or wants to give a treat ??

Im all over either love bring yourself and look into my bad of tricks today

Ready for a KINKY Caveman

 Lets play baby … I am one sexy bitch that will rock your world in every way

SWEET ROSALIE 1-888-546-5855

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Love me Phonesex

Posted on June 15th 2010 by Rosalie @ 7:55 AM

I must say I love a boy that just wants to please me in every way possible.  I’ve had the best time playing with you boys via phonesex, what a way to fulfill all fantasies and desires.  Down deep inside you’ve always wondered what it was like to have your hole penetrated, maybe you’ve even played with your little hole already?!?

When your pushing your hard cock into that wet pussy, deep inside you wonder what it really feels like to be on the receiving end.  So you come to a pretty girl like me to feel ;)


1-888-546-5855 Sweet Rosie Rosalie

Waiting for you

Too damn cute ;)   Don’t you agree ?

Just waiting for a squeeze love ~kisses~

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Sexy-T-Girlie Phonesex

Posted on May 7th 2010 by Rosalie @ 2:10 PM

Hey baby .. I know you love a girl with sweet full sexy lips, ALL the boys I know just love kissing my lips.  The passion they give me thru my mouth is insanely wicked hot!

Honey I just love giving and feeling the passion when we wrap around each other, take each other …. holy fuck darlin I think I have to go hehe just these few words has gotten my so hard and horny .. mmmm mmmm mmmmm

Im waiting for a good fuck love .. bring it sweetness. 


I’ll save some for you ;) Rosalie xXx  1-888-546-5855

Pretty Rosalie

Posted on October 24th 2009 by Rosalie @ 4:36 PM

Hi I’m Rosalie and I love being a pretty girl – one of my MOST FAVORITE things is getting my pretty little hands on one of you delightful guys who LOVES getting dressed up real pretty just like me! Oh I can do a fine job of femming you out – let me show you my sweet bedroom and that BIG closet – and my makeup mirror and vanity table OHHHH and my full length mirror. We can go thru my dresser drawers and sort thru all the silky things, pick you out the perfect little panties (and all my panties are for girls like YOU AND ME – you know what I mean – girls with a pussy pole – an extra big clit stick). And of course a matching bra – and honey don’t worry I have those cute little cutlets to pad yours with. Now a silky pair of stockings – I have LOTS of sexy shoes! Short skirt – sit down at the vanity and let me share my pink lipstick and mascara and eye liner with you I know how to put on makeup I will make you the PRETTIEST little slut you’ve ever seen – now lets look in the mirror! Imagine we 2 pretty girls going out – driving all the fellas CRAZY – then bringing a few of them home – ohhhh kiss me now! Now call me – 1-888-546-5855

femme silky rosalie