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Posted on February 28th 2010 by Rosalie @ 10:46 PM

You know you dream about what it would be like and afraid what people would say or think. You never have to worry with me. What goes on on the phone stays on the phone and never repeated to any.

Why not try a shemale tonight and find out why we are called. Find out how we know more than most regular women what makes that cock of yours so hard Who would know better than us anyway. We know the right place to touch to make those balls tighten up and explode.

Try me out and let me prove that a chick with a dick can please you.

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You won’t be sorry you did.

Cum Play With Me!

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Posted on February 24th 2010 by Calley @ 7:43 AM

Charming Calley #1-877-975-6936
Hi Hunnnny…How are you today?

Ohhh…It’s only Wednesday and I have had such a long week already! Is it ever gonna end?!? But the type of long week I really want is with you! I got ‘somethin’ long…wanna see ‘it’ baby??

I love to talk and chat it up with you while we share hot steamy stories. And baby, don’t be shy, give me a try! I’ll break you in….”Calley Style”! I love it simple and sweet and hard and sour…so, please, baby, don’t be shy…give me try! You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. I’m good at keeping secrets!

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Stevie-Tranny Phonesex Fun

Posted on February 23rd 2010 by Stevie @ 8:35 AM

Yes Im talking to you. You like following me outside and letting me suck that hard knob while pretending you dont know who I realy am. Thats so much fun. Its just the real reason I dont tell right away. The mystery builds a huge load for me, untill I get you home. You act shocked but by then its too late and you want more of me.
More is exactly what you’ll get. So much more you’ll dream of me for months. Thats great, my door is yours to cum in and fufill your wildest dreams. Starting now!

Nasty Boys Welcome

Smoking Hot Shemale PhoneSex

Posted on February 21st 2010 by Janelle @ 5:47 PM

Come on over here and sit next to me while I relax and smoke my cigarette. I see your longing in your eyes, wanting to touch me, but you will wait. Your eyes watching my every move from me sensually sliding my foot up and down one of my legs to the way my lips wrap around the cigarette butt.

See how my breasts move as I take a long inhale and slowly blow the smoke out. The erotic mixture of perfume and cigarette smoke billowing around you. I take another long draw and give you a slow wink as I turn and blow the smoke right into your face.

I see your eyes close as you take a long breath in. I watch as your hand creeps down between your legs. You can’t help touching yourself can you?

Give me a call and you can enjoy that moment of joy.
That Smoking Hot PhoneSex with a Shemale like me.


Do Me And I Will Do You Phone Sex.

Posted on February 19th 2010 by Jojo @ 9:58 PM

Do it to be Babe. Give me that big hard cock of yours in to that star pussy of mine. Package that fudge of mine and give me that steamy hot cum.

That is what told my friend Ralph when he came to visit. We where in the bed together and I was so hot and ready for him. He asked me if I gave it all to him? what would I give him?. I told him babe anything you want. I have no need for a strap on to use on you and he laughed hard. Then he said for me to then Give him my hard cock and repay him the favor.

Well you know what happened then and that is just a taste of everything we did that night. We where at it all night back and forth pleasing each other.

Call me and let’s play too:

Jojo: 1-877-767-7019

I am waiting to do you when you do me too..

Do It TO This Body Of Mine

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Dressup 4 Stevie-Phone Sex

Posted on February 17th 2010 by Stevie @ 10:58 AM

So I,m thinking spring is comming soon and it’s time to shop! I just love trying on sexy new outfits and going out to tease the boys. It’s even more fun if I hsve a pretty little slut boy partner in crime,lol. So call me and I’ll dress you up and you can be the beautiful whore for all the nasty boys and me! CLICK HERE PRETTY BITCH

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Valentines Phone Sex

Posted on February 14th 2010 by Claudia @ 5:57 PM

I have had a wonderful Valentines Day so far! Went out with one of my boy toys for a great meal and then home to a hot fuck session. After he left I received one of the sweetest phone sex calls I have ever had.

He was all about me not only did he take me shopping online for a sexy little outfit and matching red and white heels but he ordered me some roses and chocolates. I can’t wait till tomorrow when they are delivered. He will be calling tomorrow night to find out if I have them.

Then he had me take a hot shower where all he did was listen to me. He then asked me to put on some sexy music and light my favorite candles. He is so romantic don’t you think?

Well he talked me into one of the biggest cum sessions I have ever had. I can’t wait till tomorrow he is going to get a big surprise when I make it all about him!


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