CBT and You – A Lesson in Claudia’s Favorite Things

Posted on September 30th 2009 by Claudia @ 7:41 PM

Made you look! Hi, my name is Claudia, and I am in the kind of mood that makes me long for a nice, willing dick to play with. Well, not so much PLAY with as to torment, torture, abuse, and do many really mean, yet beautifully creative things to!

I am not sure what it is I like so much about cock and ball torture, although I am sure some high paid shrink could have a field day with it, lol. There is something so alluring, so satisfying, about doing God awful things to a cock…..YOUR cock, mind you. Never, ever mine. Well, I might allow you to suck it were I feeling generous.

But the straw filled with lemonade…that is for you. The bamboo skewers, those are for you as well. Oh, and I can’t forget one of my favorite pevertable pieces of office notions, the Binder Clip. Oh, man how I love binder clips.

You might not love them as much, considering how I plan to use them.

Yet you will willingly submit to whatever it is I decide to do, which is a sacred thing. For that reason alone, I will not actually cut your cock off, because you have earned the privilege of submitting to me another day. Assuming, of course, that you haven’t done something idiotic and really, really pissed me off.

You take your chances when I am in this kind of mood. But you are special, and this is what you live for, isn’t it? Someone intelligent, articulate, not by nature a total cunt bag, yet someone who is not afraid to give you the pain you desire, the pain that feels so good, that affects you so powerfully.

A woman like me, who not only knows what you want, but knows exactly how much I demand from you, as I have a cock just like yours. Well, not JUST like yours, I am sure mine is bigger, lol.

Take a look at our new website, www.trannyroundup.com, and from there you can click on my picture to get to my personal page at http://www.trannyroundup.com/trannyclaudia.htm.

No one will ever accuse me of being a bunnies and rainbows kind of girl, but tonight, I am in an extreme mood lately, and I encourage you to take advantage of that fact!

You can call me at home any time at 1-877-218-6115. I have a well stocked pantry of penis punishing goodies, and I would be thrilled to share them with you……insert very wicked laughter right about here!

oh I can't wait to play with you

Rates are $2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. We accept 4 Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Your sexy shemale will bill your time. All information we ask you is solely for credit card verification. You must be over 21 to play with us.

Phonesex Toilet Slaves – Apply Here

Posted on September 30th 2009 by Riki @ 6:33 AM

Hello you toilet sluts – you know who you are. I invite you to call me – 1–800-814-0366- and let me put you thru your paces. But I want you to know the BAR is set quite high. I have already in my stable the best of toilet slaves and I require a lot. Training is provided but be prepared to serve. I even have a lovely device sometimes known as a Queening Chair which it is my pleasure to sit in and your ultimate joy and satisfaction to be constrained by. Now I do want to warn you – many have attempted to meet my standards and many have failed but if you want the rush of serving a hot tranny in the best and dirtiest way possible bring it on. And remember without some pain there is no gain. Are you ready to serve – do you feel that deep and nasty urge to be my slave and take care of keeping me clean? You know who you are – and I’m waiting for you.


Posted on September 28th 2009 by Calley @ 11:44 PM

Hi Baby~!! Big ‘Smiles’! Yes! C’mon give it to me now! Sweet and slow. Or fast and hard! You know what I am talking about.
Tell, me, baby…do you have a wife?? It’s ok! I don’t mind. Just give me a call..we can talk about ‘it’! And you know the ‘it’ I mean! Don’t worry your pretty little head about your sweet wife. I will have you home in time for dinner.
So for some real fun call me. Perhaps you have some ‘secrets’ you want to share with me? I am all ears baby! I am waiting just for you!

#1-877-975-6936For a good time call:  #1-877-975-6936

Dominant Transexual Bitch for PhoneSEX

Posted on September 27th 2009 by Dulce @ 8:16 AM

That’s right boys take a look at me and tell me you don’t believe it!

I love forcing men to my will and teaching them what a hot Transexual can do to their bodies. Breaking down their barriers and proving that what I want comes first and what I want is your complete submission. I want to see that look of humiliation on your face when you realize you lust for what I have to give you.

There is nothing I like to hear more then a man begging for anal after they said they would never let a cock near their ass. Seeing the wonder and fear as I pull up my skirt and there is my huge cock for me to shove down their throats. Taking a so called straight man and having him down on his knees and his ass in the air begging me to fuck him.

My friends and I just love going bar hoping trolling for those men that think they are just so macho and gods gift to woman. Taking them to a motel room or back to our places for a hot fuck fest. Oh and yes we have never had one get away yet without feeling what it is like to be with a woman with that something special.

Give me a call and let me take you down that road of no return. Because once you enjoy what a woman like me has to offer you will never dream of anything else again!


Cream For Your Coffee

Posted on September 26th 2009 by Rosalie @ 9:01 AM

Hi there Rosalie here – and honey I am that kind of VERY special woman – and a pretty girl I am – check me out at http://www.trannyroundup.com/trannyrosalie.htm. You like it don’t you – I know you do!

I know just what kind of guy you are – the kind of guy that sees a pretty girl – and he gets a special twinge in his shorts – because you know I am MORE than just another pretty face – and round butt – and long legs – and a soft mouth – and pretty titties – oh yeah MORE than just THAT – come and see me – call me – 1-888-546-5855

And I WILL put that cream in your coffee!

More Than a Woman

Posted on September 24th 2009 by Dacey @ 7:55 AM

Hello boys – I’m Dacey – and as you can see I am a beautiful sexy woman – I have been turning men’s heads since I was in my early teens – nothing LIKE a tall and sexy willowy blonde is there – pretty face – long legs – smoking hot body! And I LOVE turning men’s heads – and I dress for success! I don’t go to my mailbox without a pair of spike heels on those pretty feet – all my lingeire – panties, stockings, thongs – silk. I LOVE the feel of silk against my skin.

I love something ELSE against my skin too – and that would be your hands – your tongue – your body. And you know what as I let you slowly undress me – I have something very special for you in those pretty silkies – but you knew that. Go ahead – slide that little thong out of the way – yeah thats it look what sexy Dacey has for you lover – just what you crave!

Now cum and get it ….1-888-693-0569.

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A Little Something for Everyone!

Posted on September 23rd 2009 by Jackie @ 1:30 AM

Hi! My name is Jackie, and I thought I would stop by and introduce myself on our shiny new blog! If you are a visual kinda guy, and you want to get straight to the naked pictures, I won’t hold it against you, lol. Just click here to get to my page at HTTP://WWW.trannyroundup.com/tgirljackie.htm, otherwise, well, read on!

If you have already looked at my page, you probably noticed a few special things about me……and no I don’t mean THAT special thing……after all, you ARE looking at a site called trannyroundup.com, so I am pretty sure you expected that little something extra, lol.

I mean my dominant, and yes, sometimes even cruel, nature. I adore things like cock and ball torture, forced sissification, and I especially love making guys who think of themselves as straight literally beg me to fuck them with my perfect sized dick. Being a t-girl, what I also love is the guys who assume that because I am so pretty, because my eyes reveal the sweet side of my nature, because I am so very feminine, they think that I can’t inflict the kind of punishment they need. The look of surprise, satisfaction, and sometimes “omg be careful what you wish for” on their faces when I show them just how seductively compelling and in charge I am gets me every time.

Trust me, if I want you to nail your dick to a tree, I have ways of making you beg for the privilege!

sweet or spicy, your call!

I DO have a sweet side, though………it isn’t just a rumor, lol. I have a caller who usually likes it very rough, and I get to do all kinds of nasty, mean things to his tiny little cock, but one day he came to me looking for something a bit more gentle, a bit more loving guidance for his transformation to the sissy boy within. Knowing what I am capable of, I think he was probably a bit nervous at first, but it didn’t take me long at all to allay all his worries. As much of a bitch Mistress as I can be, as much as I can make you beg for more pain, I can also have my way with you through a more subtle, nurturing type of domination. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because you will submit, but you can also know that you can trust me to take you there the easy way or the hard way. It all depends on what you need, desire, and secretly long for.

If you haven’t already peeked at my pics, I bet you can’t wait to now, so I will make it easy and toss you my link again…just click here to see me at WWW.trannyroundup.com/tgirljackie.htm. If you can’t wait to talk to me, you can call me right now in my home at 1-877-584-3152. I can’t wait to see what kind of mood you are in!

Rates are $2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. We accept 4 Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Your sexy lady will bill your time. All information we ask you is solely for credit card verification. You must be over 21 to play with us…..what we have isn’t for little boys!