suck Dacey’s dick.

Posted on February 12th 2011 by Dacey @ 4:51 PM

God please let the next guy who takes me home understand that I AM A WOMAN with a dick, not A MAN with a clittie. I feel like a woman. I act like a woman. I look a woman with a dick.
So Climb over here and suck my dick

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“Let me kiss it”

Posted on February 7th 2011 by Calley @ 11:48 AM me!
Hi Boys! You know there is something about married men that makes me really (giggle-giggle) HARD! I know you are at home sleeping next to your beautiful wife and you are fantasizing about my sweet cock! So sweetness, I dare you…sneak out of you and your wife’s bedroom, go down to the living room and call me on your cell! I promise I won’t tell! I just wanna get you off the way you deserve! You know I will treat you good baby…call me! I got a lolli for you to deep throat tonite! Here baby,,,,put my number in your cell,,, 1-877-975-6936 !! You will be glad you did!