It’s Halloweenie Time

Posted on October 28th 2011 by admin @ 6:53 AM

Now until Halloweenie 13 Taboo minutes with any sexy fetish treat for only 20.00.  Call 1-877-787-7961 to play with any “special” lady for our Weenie treat!

Its only Kinky the first time XoXoX

Don’t miss the Weenie time fun this month XOXOX

NO TABOO … anything goes RAW phonesex


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Are You Worthy?

Posted on October 13th 2011 by Janelle @ 2:07 PM

On your knees!!! You dirty little slut!

Don’t you dare lift your eyes from the floor until I tell you it is acceptable for you to do so….

You will do as your told! and you will love every cock teasing minute of it…

Your pretty little ass is just pulsing at the thought of the pleasures I can bring…

Prove your worth to me… worship my body like the Goddess that I am, and maybe… just maybe… I’ll let you cum today….

 Goddess Janelle

Phonesex with a Tranny

Posted on October 2nd 2011 by Riki @ 9:40 AM

October specials to suck a dick

Ask about a 5 minute minimum or the 2 buck fuck !!

1-877-787-7961 Ask the sexy bitch at the other end of the phone XoXoX

October specials