Can You Handle Claudia?

Posted on August 29th 2013 by Claudia @ 2:55 AM

That’s know when your cock rises you never think of anything “typical” or “normal” do you…well let me introduce myself I am Claudia and I am your ultimate taboo forbidden pleasure! You soon learn I am the woman with a little “extra” to play with when we get home and you get up my skirt. With me baby you don’t have to choose about all the things you’ve been curious about or love the most~I can give you it ALL. From my long hair, beautiful face and perfect set of tits…down to my soft flat stomach and of course my delicious beautiful cock. I want to slowly tell you in great nasty detail all I would do to you, put inside you and give you the most explosive orgasm of your dreams. Let me whisper in your ear a little something you want to hear while we stroke our cocks together….don’t miss out big boy CALL ME

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Well Hung Trinity

Posted on August 29th 2013 by Trinity @ 12:46 AM

For all of you bi-curious boys out there looking for a bad girl to play with that can live up to a very BIG hunger we both know you have…well you’ve found me. I’m Trinity and I would LOVE to be anything you want. Whether I am your very first play with a shemale or I am the one you’ve had your eyes climbing up my skirt always and want to get a taste of a new or different shemale you have yet to try. I take pride in always making sure I look good, making sure I have the best heels on, the tightest in-fashion skirt, and who could go without my low cut top that gets you drooling all the way looking up to my beautiful pink lipstick your dying to have on all parts of your body. Get one play up this girl’s skirt and I can promise you you’ll be cumming back for more and more always. I’ve noticed my gorgeous package is quite a bit “larger” than other shemales I’ve been around if you catch my drift. So if your not afraid to have a nice big cock for your throat or your tight pussy call me so we can mutual masturbate and get you squirting everywhere for me.

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Posted on August 16th 2013 by Marla @ 11:00 PM

Are you ready to have something hot and hard in your mouth? Come give my dick a try! Or if you’d rather have something soft and sweet, my tits are also available. But I know you…you’ve been craving a cock like mine, haven’t you? Do you want it in your mouth or your ass? With me, there is no need to choose – you can experience both. Call me soon so we can have fun!

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Sexy Little Calley Shemale

Posted on August 10th 2013 by Calley @ 6:53 PM

Sexy curious Calley here ready to be the beautiful girl you take home to play with. Whether you love all day thinking you’ve got a nice juicy cock to play with when we get back to your place, or it also turns me on even more when you get me to yourself & have no idea that I have a pretty stiff cock for you to find once your undressing me and sucking my hard nipples. I love that although surprised you stare up into my eyes, slipping my hard cock into your mouth and reaching up to squeeze my tits. Now we’re going to have SO MUCH more of a spectacular night than you ever imagined, maybe having your pussy played with and we can take turns fucking each other..MMM I’m down for any of it. Just call me now & we can play.

Your Favorite School Girl

I Know What Boys Like….

Posted on August 5th 2013 by Isabella @ 2:39 PM

I think I was born knowing what boys like – boys like pretty girls, soft girls, sweet faces, long silky hair – long silky legs! Cute round butts, full curvy titties – girlie girls! Girls whose hair smells like flowers, girls whose fingertips and toes are painted pretty colors, girls whose skin is soft – girls who also offer a BIG, FAT COCK for you to suck! Oh yeah I know what boys like – boys like ME!

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My Rates

Posted on August 2nd 2013 by Riki @ 1:27 PM

Hello my pets most of you know me by now and you know I am a high maintenance kind of girl as it should be – I even have a couple of clients who I charge a special tax to – call it a cum tax if you want, but with him if he cums before I give him the countdown I add something to the cost of your call. I’m even thinking about making another tax let’s call it don’t make me wait tax – ha! Because I don’t like to wait!

Anyway I wouldn’t mind your input on such a notion – but to give me an opinion you have to call me – 1-800-814-0366 – tax or no tax we can sure have a good time!