I have 8 inch’s for you stud

Posted on January 25th 2012 by Isabella @ 12:46 AM

Yes I am a chick with a dick as I always say. I love it when I get a Blow Job phonesex. It gets me ready for what is instore for me later in the night. When I start the day I love to start by putting my silky panties and stockings on. Then once I am all dressed up for you I start to Masturbate. So if you are into No Taboo. I am your shemale that you been looking for. So call me so we can have phonesex and worship each other.




Fuck my arm pit!!!

Posted on January 13th 2012 by Dulce @ 8:09 PM

I learned a new sex position that will work for man, women or Tranny’s. I meet this fabulous guy (fuck buddy) the other day that fucked my arm pit. Yes I said arm pit, at first it tickled then it gave me goose bumps then it made me feel something I have never felt before. The more I thank myself for doing the major change in my life and becoming a phonesex operator. Don’t get me wrong guys all of you were great but this one I will never forget. I loved it when he called me a puta and slapped my ass. That is so nasty, So boys when you think you know it all there is always someone that can teach you more. So come on and call this nasty Latina Puta and go that extra mile and she will do any little thing you want her to. Dulce will also dominate you and make you do whatever she wants you to do. Cum give this Puta what she deserves.



Posted on January 6th 2012 by Isabella @ 1:08 AM

I love to make all my Pets tea bag. No one leaves my home until they get tea bagged. So pets call your Lusty Shemale and let’s talk about tea bagging or anything you want.

What does the sexual term tea-bagging mean? There are so many ways to define this.

Tea-bagging is when a male lowers his scrotum onto the head, face or inside the mouth of a sexual partner. This can be a heterosexual or homosexual act; the definition does not imply that it is man on man, or man on female. Sometimes this is used as a joke, if, for example, somebody passes out from being too drunk, he or she may get ‘tea bagged’, and photographed for later embarrassment..the act of lowering one’s balls onto someone’s face, or into their mouth while they are laying down. Kind of resembles dipping a tea bag into a hot cup of water.

Example: Pohlman’s dad was wrestling with Devon and accidentally tea bagged her.
When a guy lowers his junk, or balls, onto someone’s face, or into their mouth, while they are lying on the ground. Resembles dunking a tea bag into a hot cup of water.
Example: Pohlman’s dad was wrestling with Devon, and when he had her pinned, he accidentally tea bagged her!!!!!

To place ones balls over another’s mouth.

Example: Yo jules, i tea bagged ur sister. And she squealed with delight. And gave me some more pics….
The act of draping one’s testicles over the bridge of someone’s nose, especially if that person is intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness. This is usually followed by Polaroid’s and raucous laughter.

Example: When he woke up, he thought he was blind, but I was just tea bagging him.
The actual art of tea bagging is to dip your entire scrotal sac into an unconscious person’s mouth. It is risky so be careful.

Example: When Peter falls asleep, he will be tea bagged. to dip you balls or testicles in someone’s mouth while they massage your balls in there mouth

Example: oh shit u freak damn that feel good i love it when u tea bag me in you mouth I be nutting all over the place Draping the “hairy brain” over some unsuspecting subjects mouth

Example: “check it out! little Joe is T bagging that old lady”
Placing ones knackers on an unconscious person’s forehead or face for shits’n’giggles. Usually documented through photographic evidence to maximize victim’s displeasure.

Example: “Brian got shitfaced last night, so we teabagged the fucker.”
To lower your testicles onto someone else’s forehead.

Example: When Boz removes his pants lowers his shaven testicles onto Beegies forehead repeatedly, making a lovely plopping sound. The act of putting your hairy, sweaty testicles on someone’s fore head and then placing your long, hairy penis on their nose between their eyes when they are asleep.

Example: Your sister passionately licked my penis when she woke up and discovered i was tea bagging her.
While playing a video game- The act of killing then gloating over someone’s dead body by simulating a virtual tea bagging while talking serious smack.

Example: “I took his head off with my plasma rifle / SMG combo and then tea bagged him until he respawned.” the subtle art of slamming someone in the face with your sweaty sack so that it makes splashing noises

Example: grant . . . your missus has balls the size of watermelons . . . they must leave bruises round the eyes for sure
to position ones sack on another ones fore head and letting the shlong drape between the eyes.

Example: I thought I was turning in to an elephant, then realized it was a penis, I was being tea bagged
you just gotta…dip your dick.

Example: tea bagging is not limited to lowering one’s sack into another’s mouth, it’s flexible. you can lower your sack (dip your dick) anywhere!