Tranny Phonesex On A Rainy Day

Posted on August 30th 2010 by Isabella @ 1:17 PM

Crab Your Cock & Your Phone & Call Me!

It’s overcaste with a soft rain falling out side my window. I’m kicked back with a sweet little white camisole and thong on. The sound of rain always makes me all dreamy and horny. I’ve been thinking about the guy I last had. He was gray in all the right places and young enough to play all night but old enough to take control and knew how to make me melt. Actualy, I did everything but melt. I was hard for him till I thought I would faint.
You know the type, just had me going to look at him. What a beautiful hunk of meat. Anyway, I’m in the mood to share some of that cock lovin fun . Anybody feel the same? Call me, Its a good day to play long and hard. Kiss kiss, Isabella 1-866-860-6969

Back To School Fun PhoneSEX

Posted on August 23rd 2010 by Marla @ 9:03 AM

Today has started out with a very hot no taboo back to school fetish role play. I caught one of my students behind the gym smoking and he told me he would do Anything not to be suspended. Of course I said no this is a serious offense you can be expelled.

Again he begged with a whine in his voice and tears in his eyes for me to choose another punishment. I told him since this is so serious the punishment must be as well. I had him begging on his knees.

But what is a Chick with a Dick like me supposed to do hmmm? Well for starters I made him pull down his pants and bend over with his bare bottom straight up in the air for a serious spanking. I didn’t stop till those cheeks were fire engine red and he was sobbing.

Oh but that isn’t all this bad boy received. Give me a call and let me share all the dirty details of how I made him a good little cock sucking student.



I am back with a passion

Posted on August 17th 2010 by Calley @ 12:14 AM

Rub, Lick, Suck     1-877-975-6936
Hello! And how is your summer going sweety? Have you been a good boy or a bad boy? Good boys get anything they want! Bad boys get spankings! SPANK SPANK! MMmmMMmm! Just look at my sweet ‘ASS’! Now, baby, you can’t tell me you don’t like it?? I can see the look on your face! Come a little closer and I will bend over just so you can see my sweet, sweet ‘gift’ for you! My “package”! MMmmMMmm! Baby, just tell me how much you like it.. I know you do. I need a sweet, submissive, SISSY to chat with. I want to talk about shopping! And panties and bras! And dress up clothes. Pinks and lavenders and all types of pretties! Just you and me! Call me!

Interracial No Taboo Tranny Transformation Phone Sex

Posted on August 12th 2010 by Janelle @ 3:56 AM

I had a wonderful call with the cutest little white sissy boy. He wanted to know if I could truly transform him into a beautiful woman. Now with some sissy boys you just can’t hide their male looks not without plastic surgery.

But with this cute little sissy we were already half way there. He has the prettiest feminine face and beautiful sapphire blue eyes and no adams apple to speak of. He has also grown his honey blond hair out to his shoulder blades so a little curl and wave and just the right color make up and bam you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at his face.

I would love to tell you everything so give me a call. Then again maybe you want this black Tranny to transform you?


Size Does Matter To This Shemale PhoneSEX

Posted on August 3rd 2010 by Claudia @ 7:28 AM

Ok I have to admit I am a bit of a size queen if you can’t pull out some real meat for me then you have to expect me to be very disappointed. I mean if you don’t have more then me then what use is it really? So before giving me the line that you have a monster in your pants make sure your not talking a micro monster.

I found this and it just made me think of all those guys that tried so hard to entice me just to have me laugh my ass off or even just turn around and walk off! I do hope this is photo shopped because this is one reason some of use pin head and needle dick.

Do you need me to make fun of what little you have? Or Do you have enough to make me scream in total satisfaction?