Phonesex Tranny Style?

Posted on March 24th 2011 by Isabella @ 7:39 AM

A close friend who also does phone sex was listening as I had a steamy phone session the other day and was surprized at the content. She being a “normal” girl,she talked about blow jobs, eating pussy and what ever fetish the guy got off on. I on the other hand spent most of the call seducing the guy. I have always been a tease, but I also always get laid. I like to be chased till I catch the guy. Cock tease is only a dirty word if it doesnt end in some major cum squirting! So all you “regular ” girls out there who want to know why Im a better deal…. it’s because I only play with the end result being ,everyone goes away satisfied . So remember, just because I also have a dick,it’s not what my guys love the most about fucking me. Its because when I tease, I always please! Call me, I’ll prove it! (wink)


More than you can chew... Isabella !

Dominant SheMale Jackie

Posted on March 10th 2011 by Jackie @ 9:43 PM

Sometimes I can be a real bitch. Sometimes I just like to feel a man’s balls in my hand and watch him cry when I start to squeeze them. Sometimes I feel like all men should pay for the things that have happen to me. Call me Sometime. You might be surprised what I do with you.

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Phone Sex Kitten

Posted on March 2nd 2011 by Stevie @ 8:06 AM

I know what boys like. I also like to flirt like a little sex kitten. Surprizes can be so much fun; don’t you think? How about we set up a date to play on the phone real soon. This little kitty is already purring with antisipation.