Jingle Balls..Jingle Balls…Watch You Crave My Cock….

Posted on December 23rd 2013 by Stevie @ 1:52 PM

This sweet sweet time of the year of gift giving and snuggling up naked while it’s cold outside….Don’t you find yourself wanting to unwrap me for your present?  I’d be all dressed up in my velvet red dress with white fluffy lining enjoying watching you get so hard as I move around. Don’t worry this girl knows how to polish off any great hard cock for the holidays. Let me be your personal little Ho-Ho-Ho hehe! Call me so we can listen to each other’s cock explode. I can’t wait to play whether you be a new bi-curious boy I need to push myself onto or an experienced man with a beautiful woman with something “extra” in her downstairs christmas package! So as I was singing in my head “Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Watch me suck your cock. All night long we’ll play batter up and land under the Christmas Tree!” I hope it played in your head with the tune as it did mine…



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Calling all Wanabe Cum-buckets….

Posted on December 14th 2013 by Isabella @ 9:54 AM

You think you got what it takes to be my pet? Think you have the goods to be a worthy cum-bucket? You better hope you do – it takes a real slave to know how to worship and obey one like me, if you think you have the stones to take my stilleto heel – try me!

You better be prepared to be under my thumb – to talk when spoken to, to keep your eyes to yourself while I can look anywhere – to be my squirming Siamese cat of a boy – under my thumb.


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