Sexy Blonde Shemale Ready And Waiting

Posted on October 22nd 2012 by Stevie @ 11:01 PM

Some of you sexy men out there may already know me. I’m Sexy Shemale Stevie…hot blonde and always ready to get down and wild with you! For years I’ve been the hottest girl in the club that draws the eyes of every man without effort. I am sweet, extremely playful and experienced, and ready to take you home to show you what I REALLY got. The drinks are hitting us a little bit as we head back to my hotel room laughing and touching the whole way there..and that’s when things get really hot and heavy with stripping eachother’s clothes off and kissing and licking all over. I can’t wait to hear your reaction when you anxiously lift up my skirt and find my rock hard cock through my lacy panties. You know that I’m the one you think of when your cock is so hard and in your hand ready to be pleased…so why haven’t you called me yet?? All of my contacts are down below..don’t be shy to give into what you really want!


Stevie Sweetheart


I’m All The Woman You Need And MORE

Posted on October 11th 2012 by Janelle @ 10:25 PM

Hello out there all of my deliciously submissive men.. I’m all the woman you’ve been looking for and you know it when our eyes cross each other from across the bar. Would you be the guy to have the balls to approach me and not miss out on such a fun night? A night of laughing, drinks, grinding on each other with really good music, and even better night when we get back to my porch and you make your way in for some sexy fun. I love when things get SO heavy and intense as you pick me up my legs wrapping around you, kissing down my neck and oh so anxious to uncover my big natural titties. I reach down to grab your cock that’s rock hard and can’t wait to play with it, taste it, feel it. However our night starts and ends, as long as it happens I will be so happy! So prove that you’d be the man in the bar that would give in to such a stunning looking woman like myself and pick up your phone to call me and find out all I have to offer. I promise you will be addicted to me once you get just a little taste. I’m also online for instant messaging and emails if you want to send me what your thinking so I’m prepared for what you like when you call. Can’t wait to steam up the bedroom with you!

Yours Truly,

Sexy T Janelle



Posted on October 1st 2012 by Dulce @ 11:17 PM

The best thing about this phone sex job is that I am able to control a dirty horny masterbating man by my voice. I love it when a man ask me how would i like him to jack off for me!! The way they just put it out there….
Come on boys Dulce is ready to play and she is not taking any prisoners!!! I am no Joke boys, Dulce is going to put you on your back and do all those things you been fantasing about. So you if want someone to knock you out of your seat I am the one. I will put you under my spell and I WILL CONTROL YOU.