Year of the Rod 2011

Posted on December 31st 2010 by Rosalie @ 1:21 PM

I’ve decided to make this the

“YEAR of the ROD”

Happy New Year to all my Fuck Buddies!!

Let’s play with the rod in celebration !!

Sweet Kisses into 2011 XOXOXOXOXXX


Happy New Year!!



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Saddle up boys, This bitch is ready to ride

Posted on December 14th 2010 by Dacey @ 8:35 PM

Horny and lusting for a cock. Dacey has a delicious dick for you to suck. Are you hungry for a load of cum? I feed you my cum honey. I am a nasty girl with a dirty mind and a thick dick. Call me and experience the best, experience Dacey.

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My ‘package’

Posted on December 13th 2010 by Calley @ 11:29 AM

It's wrapped with a bow!  #1-877-975-6936
Happy Holidays to you! And as an extra special gift, fom me to you…I am showing you my “package”! I know you waited all year long to see ‘it’! Well, Taaaa-Daaaa~! YEAH! Give me a Christmas lick baaabbby!
Licky, licky, licky! And then we can sticky! MMMMmmm!
Call me and let’s get really sexy and hot on the phone! Unwrap my ‘package’ and put it all the way down you thoat! Can you deep throat baby? Because that’s all I want for Christmas! Someone who can ‘deeeep throat’ my Callie Cock!
Merry Chistmas and Happy Holidays to you! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Call me… 1-877-975-6936

Tucked or Untucked–inquiring minds want to know.

Posted on December 5th 2010 by Jackie @ 4:16 PM

The common questions amongst straights and gays when talking to a T-girl seems to be …”How do you tuck it away?” That really is not an easy thing to do for some. Over the years I have gotten use to tucking it, but it is not my preferred way. There are occasions where tucked is best, ie.. in a tight form fitting dress. I know I look good and it is important to me be seen as complete. But my preferred way it to keep it untuck. I love the feel of the panties rubbing against my vain of my cock. But you know JoJo, on the site here. She and I were talking, you know, girl talk. JoJo likes to keep it tucked. But she was being nasty cause she thinks it feels good to make the guys work to suck it out her panties. LOL. I like to have the head peaking out over the top of the panties. I am going to make it easy for you to suck my cock.
Call me Jackie or Hell be brave and do a two T-girl call with me and JoJo.

JoJo and I are good friends, at least good phone friends. We get along well, we are sluts from a different mother. Jackie
More about Tucking, gaffing and taping can be found here!

Lick me, stick me, Phonesex Tranny- Stevie

Posted on December 2nd 2010 by Stevie @ 8:52 AM

Oh I know you didnt expect a big package under my skin tight mini skirt, but while you have it in your hand why dont we play? I never kiss and tell. It is just our little secret. Shhhhh, I wo’nt hurt you baby,just let me show you some fun. Just take a taste, Ummmm now that was nice wasn’t it? Thats a good cum slut. Open those hot lips a little more and give it a long slow suck. Oh yes, you are gonna be so good at this. Let me slide my talented tongue right up in that tight ass of yours. I have been planning this since I first flirted with you in that bar. Admit it, I had you so hot you would have fucked me right there on the bar. Ok now lets play some more babe. Turn over and let Stevie show you all the fun you’ve been missing. ……

Wanna Play? Call me!