Just want to be dirty ;)

Posted on February 28th 2012 by Riki @ 10:36 PM

You know how sometimes you just get the urge to touch your self … holy shit doesn’t that feel good.  Just a little tug, a rub, take your fingers across the top of the head.  Then you think to your self what would it feel like to suck your own cock …

Fuck wouldn’t that be just grand!!

Then you think to your self, I really like putting my finger in my hole.  If only I could get my dick sucked and my hole poked ;)

Baby baby do I have an excellent idea for you …  my girl friend and I will come do that just for you … Make all your dreams and desires come true!!

She’ll suck your dick, you can suck on her and I will slide up inside your little tight hole XOOX

Dirty fun Im ready are you?!?!

Lets get this party started

I love a good party

Riki XOOX  1-800-814-0366

Shemale Latina with extra toy

Posted on February 13th 2012 by Dulce @ 1:27 AM

You can see my eyes can’t you BOY? Well tell me how when you look in my eyes you do what ever I say? It is because I have eyes that will pierce right through you, Just like a piercing needle. What do you have pierced? Let me dress you up and make you look pretty just like you imagined. I am Dom and I will dress up for you and tell you just how to get off. I will let you run your little peepee all over my Lingerie and Stockings. So lets have a Masturbation contest and see who takes longer to cum.

Call me Boy,