Attention Cum Eaters!

Posted on March 11th 2014 by Isabella @ 6:06 PM

You know damn well who you are, too – you dirty boys who love the taste of my sweet cream or maybe its the taste of your own you crave! Either way call me and I will humiliate you and tease you into splooging a big wet mess into your own hand and licking it clean, and you will do it because you know better than to disobey a direct order!

Do I sound harsh – tough, you want to hang with the big dogs you better be prepared to bark with them, and darlin I may be girly and pretty but make no mistake I AM a big dog!

Izzy – 1-866-860-6969

A Very Pretty Girl….

Posted on February 26th 2014 by Isabella @ 2:35 PM

but don’t try to take me home to mother! She would NOT approve! At the very least she would think me a slutty little tramp out to catch her good boy – maybe fake a pregnancy, surely ensnare him with some voodoo wiles!

Well I will surely ensnare you – make you mine all mine – and make you do things you would NEVER EVER tell mommy about!

Curious? Check me out – 1-866-860-6969


I Know What Boys Like….

Posted on August 5th 2013 by Isabella @ 2:39 PM

I think I was born knowing what boys like – boys like pretty girls, soft girls, sweet faces, long silky hair – long silky legs! Cute round butts, full curvy titties – girlie girls! Girls whose hair smells like flowers, girls whose fingertips and toes are painted pretty colors, girls whose skin is soft – girls who also offer a BIG, FAT COCK for you to suck! Oh yeah I know what boys like – boys like ME!

Issy – 1-866-860-6969

Hey You –

Posted on May 18th 2013 by Isabella @ 10:07 AM

Yeah honey YOU – I see you looking at me – I know what you’re thinking too – you’re thinking how in the world some insignificant fella like YOU could possibly hope to get a chick that looks like me – well you ever hear that old expression a cat can look at a king? Well my sweet little pussy you too can look at your queen – that’s ME – and honey I know I’m a treat for sore eyes! Since I was 5 years old I’ve been the daintiest most feminine little looked you’ve ever seen and as I grew into things and took care of a few minor adjustments my destiny became manifest and now here I am – Isabella but you can call me Izzy – all my sweet hot lovers do. Now call me and let me be your BEST gf and put some of my fine leather and lace on you and turn YOU into the hot, fuckable treat I am! We’ll have fun I promise! Just pick up the phone and dial – 866-860-6969 and I’ll blow your mind and thats not all!

Tranny Phonesex Masterbation!!!

Posted on January 29th 2013 by Isabella @ 2:22 PM

Yes I love to guide my boys in Masterbation. Just because I am a CHICK WITH A DICK doesn’t mean I just like to suck cock. I love to watch my boys dress up in my Panties and Stockings. You know I didn’t just do this to get the Attention. I love No Taboo, CBT, Guided Masterbation, or anything you have to offer. I always go for little sissy boys like you. So call me and see what is it I have to Offer. You will not be disappointed.


Holiday special just for you!!!!

Posted on November 29th 2012 by Isabella @ 4:27 PM

Hello sexy boy! I’m Isabella, Izzy for short!!!

I know you crave for something different, You will not be disappointed. I am looking for a little slave boy that will do whatever I tell him to do. Be very loyal and obey orders like a good little slave boy. DO YOU WANT TO BE MY SLAVE BOY???? Don’t let the extremely feminine exterior fool you
behind those silky panties I have something special just for you!
Tell me how beautiful and sexy I am as I fill you up with my big toy. Please scream louder I want to feel deep inside you. So scream like the little bitch you are. Call me slave boys NOW!!!!

We also have a holiday special going on from now till January 2, 2013.
5 minutes 12.99
10 minutes 19.90
60 minutes 110.00

These specials begin now .. don’t wait for December!!!!!

Dress up time!!!

Posted on September 19th 2012 by Isabella @ 12:44 AM