Cum in to my world

Posted on August 9th 2016 by Stevie @ 11:32 AM



Hey Boys, it’s Stevie, let’s have some fun. I had a guy call me today he wanted to have me stand behind him so he can feel my breasts. He wanted to feel them pressed up against his back and my beautiful cock pressed against his ass. It was so hot that I was rock hard. And I so want to use that rock hard cock on you. So let’s get together and have some fun doesn’t that sound good?

I have a desire to go out nobody knows that I’m a she-male. I’m on your arm just like candy. Then you lean over and kiss me and I kiss you back. You take me out on the dance floor, slow dance with me into the darkness. All this time you can feel my wrath against yours from both so excited because nobody knows. You take me and bathroom area for my skirt to take my rock hard cock in your hands. Stroking it is making me feel so good.

Now you know what you have to do you have to call so I can finish this beautiful dream of mine. My numbers at the bottom and at the top all you have to do is dial it, I am yours, all yours


Hung nasty shemale for some Kinky phonesex

Posted on July 30th 2016 by Stevie @ 9:28 PM

Hot Shemale Stevie


Hey boys, its your hot white passable hung shemale, Stevie. I know I have not been on for the longest time. I have just been to busy playing in real time. I am the only the only transexual in town. So you can just imagine how many bottom boys want to hop on this hung shemale cock. I know you boys miss me, especially you bottom bitch boys. But trust me it was good I took some time off because in the last few months I had hot, kinky, raunchy, and nasty encounters. So I have lots and lots of sexy stories to share with you guys. So have you poppers (if you don’t know what poppers are google it) because you sure are going to need them. So stop stairing at my pictures and call me now. I have this hard tranny cock ready.

8 minute cum

Posted on October 18th 2014 by Stevie @ 9:58 PM

I am wondering how my heat slave fared today.  After 5 days of waiting to cum, allowed to stroke 7 minutes each day until today!!

At noon today he was to go to a hiking trail with a beautiful view for the very memorable cum, pull down his pants naked dick to the sun.  A nut pick and heat prepared to be inserted in the little penis fuck hole 10 minutes of warming memorable heat pumping inside, baby did you go full length of the pick ? All the way in and out constant …………………

8 Minutes jacking of the shaft stroking – burning – heat … baby did you cum in your allotted time ??

Or do you wait until tomorrow at noon – 10 minutes on the inside & 8 minutes on the shaft ?  Do you make it this time ??  Do you wait until Monday now ?  What would the cards say ?

Are you thinking of me baby doll .. my sweet hottie slave … do not cheat ONLY 8 MINUTES to fulfill your task!!!

Heat balance of 7++++++

How did it feel to pull your pants down out in the wilderness with such a beautiful view while completing the task you were given ?? Did you feel free ?? Did you stay on task ??

8 minutes of sweet anguishing pleasure

I expect a full detailed report XOXOXOXO

Heat Factor 7+++++

Mistress Stevie 1-877-355-6330

Hot boner in the Basement

Posted on September 7th 2014 by Stevie @ 9:09 PM

I would love to see my pet today in the corner nose in the V, nut pick in his P-hole putting the heat inside.  My slave loves the heat and I love to administer the heat.  Sweet slave tucked in the basement, hidden from the world pleasuring me by whacking with heat.

My slave cunt well now that’s another story.. lets heat pets hole just for me.  Big squeeze of heat on the firm cold handle insert in pet! repeat … a few weeks ago my pet stepped out of line and came back begging for forgiveness today.  Heat is always a good way of sweet punishment.  To top off our session today … pet had a task

10 strokes inside – 10 strokes outside – heat – stroke – 33 minutes –  no cum NO NO not until tomorrow

9:39 am Monday morning Slave may now stroke 33 anxious minutes before cum …  9:39 slave not a minute before … feel the burn and think of me sweets XOXO

While thinking about your bad behavior .. you won’t be doing that again will you sweetness.

Think of me … Love me

Mistress Stevie  877-355-6330

Please me baby

Mistress Stevie  877-355-6330

see you soon ;)

9:39 Pet don’t be late

Horny Blond Shemale Phonesex

Posted on April 21st 2011 by Stevie @ 9:08 AM

I am in the mood for a slow ride today. You know what I mean,right? I need a long sexy bout of serious forplay. Then follow it up with a” fuck me till I can’t walk” night of fun. So if you are in the mood too, give me a call. I have all the time in the world for you. Call and we will get this party started. 1-877-355-6330


Phone Sex Kitten

Posted on March 2nd 2011 by Stevie @ 8:06 AM

I know what boys like. I also like to flirt like a little sex kitten. Surprizes can be so much fun; don’t you think? How about we set up a date to play on the phone real soon. This little kitty is already purring with antisipation.


Stevie phonesex tranny tricky

Posted on January 26th 2011 by Stevie @ 5:48 PM

I have been told if I didnt show my extra play toy that you would swear I was just a hot little blond natural girl. As you can see by my picture I am a whole lot more. More Fun! More ways to get off and damn good at all of it! Call me soon. I have a trick or two up my skirt for you! 1-877-355-6330 More Pics and Bio Here

surprise prize!!!!