Posted on August 24th 2012 by Calley @ 8:29 PM

Schoolgirl Tranny

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Izzy wants something sweet

Posted on August 23rd 2012 by Isabella @ 12:14 AM

Hello sexy boy! I’m Isabelle…”Izzy” for short. I’m a 22 year old woman with a very kinky special feature. Can you guess what it is? You see me on the street, at the local cafe, in the grocery store. Just watching me makes your cock so hard. You imagination goes wild thinking of all the fun things you would like to do to this pretty young blonde chicky… You ask me out, I say yes. After a wonderful time with a very sexy young lady.
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Gorgeous Shemale with Big Titties

Posted on August 19th 2012 by Janelle @ 3:53 PM

I’m Janelle and I am here to show you just what I have to offer. I have a nice slim body with long darkhair, and DD titties for your pleasure.I love to get all dressed up, looking beautiful in my kinky, slutty outfits and hit up the night life for gorgeous men to take home and play with. My favorite dress is the one that has stripes of completely see-through material next to black stripes that cover bits and pieces of me. I always get great looks and comments when I wear that dress. Wouldn’t you love to be the one on the other end of my phone after getting in from a night of flirting and just building my sweet cum up…I can chat with you while I am stripping my clothes off, and hearing you stroke your cock makes me hungry for you and makes me touch myself. Your listening to my voice describe every sweet, delicious little detail of what I would be doing to you right then and there! I’m already getting hard sitting here thinking of you calling and all we can do together. Call me anytime day or night to enjoy all I have to offer you. Talk to you soon!


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Posted on August 15th 2012 by Elizabeth Toppz @ 11:30 AM

My name Elizabeth New Shemale in Town. I will be provisding but phone sex and Webcam shows. I posted this little Pic as a teaser so you can see what to expect. When your done viewing it Call me Bitch.

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My Man Hole

Posted on August 4th 2012 by Dulce @ 12:16 PM

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Latina Shemale Dulce,

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