I Love My Cock Torture Slave!

Posted on January 11th 2014 by Stevie @ 3:41 PM

MMM It has been MUCH too long since I’ve had the chance to have complete control over what my slave does. It makes my cock so rock hard to know that he is in my power and will do all I tell him to just at the request of it! It makes me so hot and stroke myself so good when I hear him sweat with pain then cum so hard for me. I truly cannot wait for the next call from my newest ‘Heat Slave’ and line his hot naked body with clothes pins for some real good pain pleasure as I flick them with my finger nails as they are clipped onto him. as I wave my hard cock under my skirt in front of his face to get him drooling for me while his cock and balls heats up incredibly! That’s right slave, and you also better still be having flashes of me in your head every time you think of how hot your cock will get or that burn when you piss! I expect to hear from you real soon ;)


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be my next slave? hehe

Dulce loves time with her SLAVE BOY

Posted on November 7th 2012 by Dulce @ 4:32 PM

I love it when my slave boys get on there knees and beg. All my slave boys know that Dulce don’t take NO for a answer. I will control you with my eyes and my cock. All the fantasies and fun we will have! You name it, Dulce will do it!!!
I love doing blogs about my slave boys. And the best thing is I have control of it all. So you little bitches put those sexy panties, stockings and heels on and Call me.
I have all kinds of Ideas to make the call much more entertaining. I even have dirty panties for your enjoyment. Call me to find out!!!




Posted on October 1st 2012 by Dulce @ 11:17 PM

The best thing about this phone sex job is that I am able to control a dirty horny masterbating man by my voice. I love it when a man ask me how would i like him to jack off for me!! The way they just put it out there….
Come on boys Dulce is ready to play and she is not taking any prisoners!!! I am no Joke boys, Dulce is going to put you on your back and do all those things you been fantasing about. So you if want someone to knock you out of your seat I am the one. I will put you under my spell and I WILL CONTROL YOU.




Mistress – Sissy phonesex

Posted on May 16th 2011 by Riki @ 5:49 PM

Do you have the great desire to keep me quiet about your needs and wants as a sissy slut, here for my pleasures! 

Please Mistress Please!!

These are the words I hear you beg as the cum mounts in those balls of yours.  Your need to explode has made you so vulnerable !!  You’ll offer anything to be allowed to cum.  You know if you pre-maturly ejaculate there will be HELL to pay. 

Your worthless little penis will be bound and gagged until further notice!!  There will be no orgasm for you !!  I’ll take pictures and share them with your colleagues, your neighbors, your family …. YOU BEG ON BENDED KNEES


I’ll pay the tax … how much today Mistress? 


I tease & torment my little sissy with a few more pounds to that tight tight ass stroking your very G-spot of that cute little sissy pussy of yours and offer you the tax … Goddess Cash = tax to allow your ejaculation … offer enough or there will be no cum for you and pictures will go out …..



The answers lie within your balls love … do you have the balls to play with me?

Yes Mistress is all I want to hear from your lips

 Time is wasting pet … let’s play

Mistress Riki


Do you need to be put in your place?

Posted on November 24th 2010 by Jackie @ 7:58 AM

Last night I was out on the town. There was a few of us girls out for a night of chit chat and drinking. We were minding our own business, talking and giggling. We were a little loud, I will admit that. But not causing any trouble at all.
We noticed these two guys, who kept looking at us. I was a little concern because they kept looking at me. I guess I thought they knew my secret. I was the only tgirl (tranny, shemale) in the group. We just ignored the guys. But later, I got up to go to the rest room. I took one of the girls with me, because it is just easier that way. We both went to the back, where the restroom were. But when we came out of the restroom, those same two guys were standing there seemingly waiting on us. We tried to step around the men. My friend made it but when I tried to pass one of the men reached out and grab my arm. He was a bit intimidating. He asked why I had gone into the female’s restroom because he knew I was not a woman. I was a little scared, but I have learned how to handle myself in these types of situations. I said “what do you mean”, and he just reached down and grabbed my jewels. I was startled. He pulled his hand back and said “That’s what I mean”. I stood there, what seemed like an hour but was only a few seconds. I knew this could go bad but I decided to handle it with humor. I reached down and grabbed my dick and said… Oh my God, how did this happen. When I went into the bathroom I was a woman. The girl with me, started giggling and grabbed my hand and pulled me from the guys and took me back to our table. We packed up our shit and got out of there. But not without making a little bit of a scene but really I just wanted to get away from the place has fast has I could.

I want to role play this out again with you. You can be those two bullies but this time I am going to show you who is in control. I am going to show you I am more woman than your wife and more man than you can handle. Do you need to be put in your place? I am totally serious. I need to take control and put this event to rest AND you will enjoy me doing it. Call me and let me show you who the bully really is!!!

Jackie… jerking for the boys.

Size Does Matter To This Shemale PhoneSEX

Posted on August 3rd 2010 by Claudia @ 7:28 AM

Ok I have to admit I am a bit of a size queen if you can’t pull out some real meat for me then you have to expect me to be very disappointed. I mean if you don’t have more then me then what use is it really? So before giving me the line that you have a monster in your pants make sure your not talking a micro monster.

I found this and it just made me think of all those guys that tried so hard to entice me just to have me laugh my ass off or even just turn around and walk off! I do hope this is photo shopped because this is one reason some of use pin head and needle dick.

Do you need me to make fun of what little you have? Or Do you have enough to make me scream in total satisfaction?


Do you want to be my bitch?

Posted on March 10th 2010 by Stevie @ 1:57 PM

So heres the deal babe… I am having a slow week of not enough fun.
When that happens I get aggressive and nasty. Some were out there you are wasting that load of cum and not letting me in on it. Bad bad bitch. Just think what we could be doing together. I picture you following me around on your hands and knees and when everIi stop you slide my slick rod into your face and suck like a good dog. I could leash train you , dress you up like my whore bitch and take you out to amuse my horney freinds. We love a well trained slut boy that can drain us all over and over again. So put that tail between your legs and get on the damn phone.We have things to do and I’m no good at waiting .Get it up and get it on! Stevie needs to party. CLICK HERE MY HOT BITCH

Call me now bitch boy!

More than you can chew..