My Favorite thing to do

Posted on April 28th 2013 by Dulce @ 6:16 PM

People always ask me if I am as sweet as my name (Dulce) sweet in Spanish, and The truth is yes and no. You get a taste all of me, you will know just how Tasty I am. But, I can be quite a Bitch too. Now my favorite thing is surprising guys they just never know what to expect. As soon I get a guy that thinks I am passable enough I get them home and then BAM, big thick cock in their face! Most of them love it, but some are a little more timid. But it always ends the same way — they get their first taste of shemale cock. So I guess that is sweet too, huh?
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Mistress Janelle Is Ready For You

Posted on April 27th 2013 by Janelle @ 6:40 PM

This sexy shemale is not afraid to whip your slave little ass into shape! I love my boys in collars and on leashes, tied to where I can control what to do to you and when you get to cum, and having you worship my body from head to toe. Especially if you are a Bi-Curious sissy bitch you deserve to have your first shemale have complete control over you. I can feel how hard your cock gets when you imagine me in nothing but my latex black thong with my big titties out, thigh-high latex black stiletto boots and long latex gloves approaching you as your tied up to the wall completely naked and vulnerable to where I may touch you, whip you, suck you. So if you are ready to let out that inner slave and cum to my command then call me now to handle all of your fantasies to live out.

Mistress Janelle


Slutty Blonde Shemale Stevie

Posted on April 26th 2013 by Stevie @ 12:53 PM

MMMMM Have my boys missed seeing my pretty face and long legs?? I hope so. I’d LOVE to hear about how you think of me when you stroke yourself off at night, or maybe you get hard laying next to that pretty girlfriend of yours imagining I was her…and even just for one night you would reach down & grow SO INCREDIBLY hard and your mouth watering when you feel my cock in your hand. I know that secretly some-most nights you still take your hands from her full breasts and hard nipples just hoping that by the time you reach down there will be a beautiful cock there for you to play with…..So don’t keep yourself waiting any longer…call me…let us talk about every nasty little detail of what would happen with us together…Let’s share the release of cumming hard together!

Sexy Shemale Stevie


Try A Taste Of Shemale JoJo

Posted on April 23rd 2013 by Jojo @ 9:38 PM

I am here for all boys from bi-curious to those of you who are shemale addicts that know just what you want to do with me. I’ve got very sweet 6 inches of uncut hard cock ready to be played with and served. I do love how you nervous bi-curious boys are so soothed by my voice and ease into us cumming together. I love to be sweet and sensual or maybe you like it a little rougher? I like to play into whatever role makes you cum for me. So send me an email or IM and we can chat there or just put those nice big full balls to the wall baby & just pick up that phone & call me! I’ll be waiting…….


Kinky Dominant Claudia

Posted on April 23rd 2013 by Claudia @ 4:07 PM

I’m sure all you bi-curious sissy boys always have a vision of me when you think of sucking cock, being forced into sexual slavery or am mesmerized by having a beautiful natural woman in the streets but both in the sheets. I’ve had many of the boys I use as my own personal sex toys tell me they never have a bigger load of cum for ANYONE else but me. I will win you over with my floor cuffs and whips making sure you are teased beyond belief before I allow you to cum. Whatever your fantasy I promise I will make it cum to life through just my voice. Some of you sissy boys are perfect to worship my body sucking every last little delicious toe of mine clean all the way up to my earlobe, some of you are good to be tied up to my basement wall completely naked thanking me for allowing you to look at my beautiful tits and throbbing 8 inch cock along with whipping you, teasing you with ice and hot wax. For all your submissive fantasies call this Gorgeous Shemale! I’m here and waiting for you sissy boy.

Shemale Claudia
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Sweet and Sexy Shemale Marla

Posted on April 17th 2013 by Marla @ 1:19 PM

Hi I’m Marla. I am 35 living out my naughty dreams on the west side of the U.S. I take lots and lots of pleasure in being an exotic dancer. When there are men that cannot take their eyes of me and my beautifully slender body it makes me VERY HARD. I love when I can look around me and already see so many mens cocks hard (straight or not) before I ever even get to taking my panties off. By the time I finally do reveal my delicious 6inch cock they are ready to pull me to the back room! So many secrets and nasty good times that happen in those back rooms, I would love to tell you every cum-dripping detail so long as you call me and let me verbally suck that cock of yours to incredible orgasm, while the whole time I stroke myself off to hearing you. So look at my photos, allow your cock to get hard, and let your natural reaction kick in of calling me for pleasure. I will be here for ALL AND ANY of your needs. I am definitely a no-taboo kind of girl and will explore anything you wish. Your sexual fantasies are my command sugar :)