Hey You –

Posted on May 18th 2013 by Isabella @ 10:07 AM

Yeah honey YOU – I see you looking at me – I know what you’re thinking too – you’re thinking how in the world some insignificant fella like YOU could possibly hope to get a chick that looks like me – well you ever hear that old expression a cat can look at a king? Well my sweet little pussy you too can look at your queen – that’s ME – and honey I know I’m a treat for sore eyes! Since I was 5 years old I’ve been the daintiest most feminine little looked you’ve ever seen and as I grew into things and took care of a few minor adjustments my destiny became manifest and now here I am – Isabella but you can call me Izzy – all my sweet hot lovers do. Now call me and let me be your BEST gf and put some of my fine leather and lace on you and turn YOU into the hot, fuckable treat I am! We’ll have fun I promise! Just pick up the phone and dial – 866-860-6969 and I’ll blow your mind and thats not all!

Jack Off For Jackie– Tranny Phone Sex

Posted on November 16th 2010 by Jackie @ 8:33 PM



$2.50 a minute of melt in your mouth not in your hands good phone sex!

Hi I’m Jackie… Your little jack off babe-licious T-Girl. I’m am a confident woman and a happy male. I rarely dress in male appropriate attire but when I do, I can still rock a suit. But oddly, when I dress in male clothes now, I feel like I am dressing up, pretending to be something or someone I am not. I love men and women. I realize life is way too short to start getting picky. I enjoy having my cock sucked on and while I love men, I know some women who can suck cock with the best of them. I consider myself to be a woman of substance with a mind of a whore. I am eager to learn about you. I am a bit of a control freak with a wicked temper so be ready for some hot times with me. I have a boyfriend who loves to listen in while we talk if that is ok with you so if he is around he may want to hear me get off with you.
I look forward to enjoy you soon.

Chick With A Dick Phone Sex

Posted on December 11th 2009 by Jojo @ 9:31 PM

Don’t be shy baby. I have everything you need. Sure you know you been curious about Shemales and thought about sex with us. Well, I can make you so hard and burst just touching you. You don’t want to miss out on the experience. Try me and just see what all I will do to you or let you do to me. I have no taboos and hard for you.

Jojo: 1-877-767- 7019

Cum play with me

Hot Body Just For You To Cum Play With

Hot Body Just For You To Cum Play With

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Don’t Knock It Till Try It Phone Sex

Posted on December 4th 2009 by Jojo @ 9:19 PM

Now you know way down deep you want to at least try phone sex with a Chick with a Dick. It has been in the back of your head for a long time but you where just afraid what people would say if did it. Well I have a sensual role play with my boyfriend who remembers our first date. He was so sexy and I knew when met him he wanted me. We went to my place and of course I got in my robe to be comfortable. He ran his hand on my thigh and then under the robe as we made out on the couch. He almost screamed out loud when touched my cock and stared at me. You are a Tranny? I said I prefer be called more than a woman. Then it was like he didn’t want anything to do with me. I may forced him a little and said oh no you know you want me bad. He played the shy oh no no I can’t do this till I got in his lap and made his cock lay next to mine and rubbed them together. He tried hard to say he didn’t like it and well you know the cock said different throbbing just to feel mine next to his. When the night was done he was a different man.

How do I mean different? Well you have to call find out what all I did to him but let’s say he could not wait for our next date.

Jojo: 877-767-7019

I will make you never doubt that you would like a Shemale like me. Let’s play baby .

You Know You Cant Resist A Body Like Mine

You Know You Can't Resist A Body Like Mine

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Friday The 13ths Lucky Phone Sex Weekend with Jojo

Posted on November 13th 2009 by Jojo @ 9:37 AM

That is right, This Friday Saturday and Sunday I am having a Lucky Weekend Special. Just say when I answer ” Jojo I feel LUCKY” and when do a call with me you will get free minutes just to show you how lucky your are.

No taboos and anything goes. I have special plans for you Men that love this special Woman I am. Cum be my boy toy or just some fun role play. It doesn’t matter because you will have the time of your life..

Jojo: 1-877-767-7019

Let’s get Lucky together baby.

Have a Lucky Friday The 13th with Me !!

Have a Lucky Friday The 13th with Me !!

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Transgender PhoneSex and Hot 3 way fun

Posted on November 11th 2009 by Janelle @ 2:33 PM

I have to tell you about what happened on Veterans day. My girlfriend had been trying for months to get it setup for me to meet her boyfriend. We all have spoken many times on the phone.

Let me tell you the Phone Sex between my girlfriend and myself is so hot that we end up spent and falling asleep on the phone together. Though add in her boyfriend and I have to be honest I always end up shooting way to fast the first time. I just can’t seem to hold back no matter what I try when he is on the line with us.

Well Tues. she and I were having our nightly phone fun and just before she hangs up she tells me that I am expected at her house on Veterans day and hangs up before I could ask any questions. I tried calling back but all I could get out of her was just show up we will have some fun. So fine I dress up since I am not about to show up all frumpy since most of the time we end up going out to the club after a few hours of fun.

Well I showed up and she is dressed to kill I was drooling in more ways then one just looking at her. She tells me to come in and go sit on the couch and she is going to get me a drink. Of course I am curious as hell wondering what is up.

She comes back in and hands me a drink and tells me to close my eyes. Ok I close my eyes and I hear her moving around turning on the music lighting some candles and then I feel a hand sliding up between my thighs. I open my eyes and there he is the man with the magic voice slowly tickling his way up my inner thigh.

My girlfriend comes and sits next to me and starts nibbling her way down my neck. I feel her hot breath through the thin material of my dress as she captures my nipple and lightly bites. His fingers start caressing my panties lightly brushing the tip of my cock.

Give me a call and I will tell you exactly how the night went!


Halloween Phone Sex With Tranny JoJo

Posted on October 30th 2009 by Jojo @ 12:52 AM

So we meet at the bar and you have a devil costume on and I have a Bunny Outfit on Halloween, You Invite me to your house and we get a little hot in these costumes so we start taking them off. I have my back to you and you whisper behind me “trick or treat” moving your cock next to my bare butt. I turn around and you get this shocked look seeing my hard cock facing yours. My mellow sweet voice says. “Oh this is not a trick and if you calm down you will get the treat of your life.

I am sure you want to know what happens next. But why not do this fantasy with me and let me show you what a chick with a dick can do to you baby.

Jojo 1-877-767-7019

Call me and mention this add and I will have a Halloween Special for you.

Happy Halloween !!

Let me show you why I am More Than a Woman

Let me show you why I am More Than a Woman

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