Holiday special just for you!!!!

Posted on November 29th 2012 by Isabella @ 4:27 PM

Hello sexy boy! I’m Isabella, Izzy for short!!!

I know you crave for something different, You will not be disappointed. I am looking for a little slave boy that will do whatever I tell him to do. Be very loyal and obey orders like a good little slave boy. DO YOU WANT TO BE MY SLAVE BOY???? Don’t let the extremely feminine exterior fool you
behind those silky panties I have something special just for you!
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We also have a holiday special going on from now till January 2, 2013.
5 minutes 12.99
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These specials begin now .. don’t wait for December!!!!!

Horny Blond Shemale Phonesex

Posted on April 21st 2011 by Stevie @ 9:08 AM

I am in the mood for a slow ride today. You know what I mean,right? I need a long sexy bout of serious forplay. Then follow it up with a” fuck me till I can’t walk” night of fun. So if you are in the mood too, give me a call. I have all the time in the world for you. Call and we will get this party started. 1-877-355-6330



Posted on September 15th 2010 by Isabella @ 12:46 PM


Hi Boys,
Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Right now I’m in the mood for some sissy boy cum slut fun. To accomplish this ,I need a real nasty little slave whore boy. Do you think you can handle being covered with jizz from head to toe? Hmmmm what a wonderful private party I have in mind. There will be surprizes and wishes granted if you perform like a good little bitch boy for me. Give me a call and lets get this party started. CALL ME AND CHECK OUT MY HOME PAGE WITH MORE PICS AND INFO BY CLICKING THIS LINK.

T-Girl Phone Sex

Posted on January 31st 2010 by Janelle @ 6:00 AM

I have this wonderful gentleman who loves to call T-Girls like me. The first time he called me he said that I attracted him because if it wasn’t for the pictures he would have never known I was a special girl. He told me that he loves to fantasize about his very first encounter with a SheMale.

How he knew she was special but was nervous about meeting up with her. They had been talking online for about 6 months and on the phone for 3 before he actually got the courage to ask to meet face to face. They met at a local club that they both enjoyed going to, a bit ironic to think they may have bumped into each other many times before this and never knew it, for some drinks.

Well things worked out where they ended up at a motel and enjoyed a few hours of each others bodies. The one thing he always changes in his fantasy on the phone though is that instead of knowing her he fantasizes that he didn’t know her or that she was a tranny. He loves to tell me that in his dreams he buys her a drink and they talk and dance till she invites him home.

When she gets him home and upstairs to her room she has him get naked for her and lay on the bed so that she can tease him. When he is so horny he feels like he could burst any moment she whispers in his ear that she wants to play a game. Of course he is all in agreement and she ties his hands and feet to the bed and slips out of her dress down to her panties.

She slowly starts rubbing herself giving him a little show. She turns around and slips off her panties he sees her stand up and start rubbing between her legs. He thinks she is just teasing him while she masturbates herself until she turns around and there is it is her huge throbbing cock.

Want to know more about what happens in his fantasy with her?


Maybe you want to play out your own version of this fantasy?

Call me and I will be glad to bring your dreams to life!


Dominant TGirl PhoneSEX

Posted on November 8th 2009 by Dulce @ 4:04 AM

I enjoyed a very hot PhoneSEX session last night with a horny boy who wanted a sexy dominant TGirl. I nick named him little boy blue, because he hadn’t cum in over 3 months and he had such a teeny weenie. Well dear little boy blue wanted me to tease him until he couldn’t hold back and then punish him by making him eat his load.

I did more then tease him I sent him a picture of me just like the one above and told him to memorize it especially my hard cock. Then I made him close his eyes as I described what I was wearing. I was wearing a black satin teddy with Black lace french cut panties and Black sheer thigh high stockings.

I made little boy blue slowly kiss from my toes all the way up to my panties and stop. Then I told him to stroke his itty bitty little worm. I heard him moaning as I told him I was rubbing my panties on his nose so he could feel my heat and smell my sweet musky odor.

I teased and tormented his balls and little sausage till he begged and whimpered. I told him I wasn’t going to allow him to cum till he made me cum. He removed his hand from his little dicky and told me how he would please me by sucking my cock and licking my balls and ass.

Want to know if he ate his load?
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Shemale PhoneSEX for Role Play and the Bi Curious

Posted on October 4th 2009 by Trinity @ 10:01 AM

I love Role Play with straight men and those who are Bi Curious but doing it while having PhoneSEX is so much more exciting. Think about it there are only so many ways you can move or actually do it in the bedroom but while your on the phone your imagination is your limit. Like the call I had where the guy wanted me to be double jointed every where.

The things he said he was doing to me and having me do to him in all the different positions he came up with.

Just something I know I could never do in the bedroom but damn if they were not hot hearing him describe how he bent me over backwards till my head was on top of my feet while he licked my ass and sucked my cock. So hot I almost shot my wad all over myself just thinking about it. I am sure you can come up with many different scenarios and Role Play ideas as well.

I am open to those straight men who love to role play that they find out what I am and tie me up and do all kinds of kinky nasty things to me. Or the Bi Curious guy that is to afraid to go out with a guy but loves the idea of being on his knees sucking my cock and looking up and seeing my beautiful perky tits. There are so many diffrent ways I can play with you!

So why don’t you grab that cock and phone and open your mind to all the different possibilities and give me a call!!


Gang Bang Tranny and Hot Kinky PhoneSex

Posted on October 1st 2009 by Marla @ 5:12 PM

I was talking to one of my boyfriends on the phone the other night and we were having Hot Kinky PhoneSex. I had to stop myself from cumming I didn’t want to cum till he did. He kept telling me all these nasty things he wanted to do to me, like cover me with chocolate and lick every inch of my body, I could almost feel his tongue on me.

He started talking about how he had always dreamed of seeing me get fucked by other guys and how much hotter it would be for me to be gang banged by some of his friends. I almost popped right then and there when I heard him talking like that. I told him how hot I was and how I was so close to cumming just thinking about a gang bang with him and his friends.

He suddenly told me he had to go but that he would call back so make sure I save myself for when he was back on the phone with me. I was a bit disappointed but of course I agreed. That half hour of waiting was so painful I kept wanting to masturbate I wanted to cum so hard just thinking about all those things he had said to me.

He finally called back and told me he had a surprise for me and that I had to wait and that when it showed up that I was to stay on the phone with him. I love surprises and told him of course I would stay on the phone with him. I thought he had gotten me something like flowers, jewelry, or even a pretty pair of panties.

So my door bell rings and I take the phone with me to answer bugging him to tell me what the surprise was. He said oh just open the door and find out. There standing in my door way was 5 of his friends one holding a video camera.

Want to find out exactly what my surprise was and all the hot nasty details give me a call 1-877-469-7320 I will love to replay what happened that night with you.