New Year’s Resolution

Posted on December 26th 2011 by Marla @ 2:05 PM

Submit to your desires?  YES say it loud and clear baby !! YES!! YES!! YES!!

I had the best call when a sweet boy called me wanting the cock, so desperately wanting to experience the sweet pleasures of a hard fleshy rod…  Plunging! Throbbing! Thrusting!

Before the call he had gone out and purchased a small, yet effective anal probe.  One with the perfect curve to experience the sweet spot in his little tight twat

When I controlled his every move to find pleasure in searching for the sweet spot.  While talking about his desire to experience the hard throbbing flesh of a real penis.  Listening, learning about a nice large cock penetrating his anus.  Would the large cock touch the sweet spot just by its massive girth, would it bring him to quick sensual explosion?

After my little slut had THE SWEETEST JIZZ X 2 … he was on the search of the REAL New Year’s Cock celebration.

So boys NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION … get your pussy cherry popped ;)

You Know you want it love … squeeze the titties … take the cock !!

Nice little peek of what's too come ;)

 Are you ready to experience your New Years Resolution? Bring me to rigid girth and we’ll have a sweet poke

Many happy wishes to you this coming year Loves & Kisses

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Happy New Year Baby !!!


Posted on December 9th 2011 by Dulce @ 2:01 AM

This bitch just wants to let you know, yes it is real. I have so many of you call me and ask if my beautiful cock is real. So I decided to write a blog about my precious perfect penis. I can’t wait to put it inside you. Where do you want it sissy boy. I just love it when you want to talk about my best piece of meat in town. So call me now if you want to talk, or do you just want me to Dominant you? I know your bi or at least bi curious. So if you are into cbt or just want phonesex blowjob (no taboo). So just to make this clear, yes I am a chick with a dick.
So do what I say and call me now!!!


Horny Latina Shemale

Posted on December 2nd 2011 by Dulce @ 1:40 AM

Hello Stud,
I’m Dulce a hot Latina She male that likes it anyway she can get it. If you like Anal or Blowjobs I’m your girl. I love this Phone sex job because I can be as nasty as I want (NO TABOO). So if you are Bi Curious and want to learn from a Pro Just call me and I will teach you how to fuck and suck. I am a chick with a dick and I am damn proud of it. How many people can fuck and suck and look great at it. I want to Cross-dress and Discipline you when you have been bad. I Want to DOMINANT you and make you my sissy boy. So call me so we can have Fuck phonesex.
I am your Goddess of phonesex and will make you quiver and melt when I give you Oral. You will want to do an Orgasm Control, before you blow your load all over my face. So be my little slut and take it like a man anywhere I want to give it to you.
Come show me how much a Sissy boy you are.

Your Nasty Latina She male,