Cum in to my world

Posted on August 9th 2016 by Stevie @ 11:32 AM



Hey Boys, it’s Stevie, let’s have some fun. I had a guy call me today he wanted to have me stand behind him so he can feel my breasts. He wanted to feel them pressed up against his back and my beautiful cock pressed against his ass. It was so hot that I was rock hard. And I so want to use that rock hard cock on you. So let’s get together and have some fun doesn’t that sound good?

I have a desire to go out nobody knows that I’m a she-male. I’m on your arm just like candy. Then you lean over and kiss me and I kiss you back. You take me out on the dance floor, slow dance with me into the darkness. All this time you can feel my wrath against yours from both so excited because nobody knows. You take me and bathroom area for my skirt to take my rock hard cock in your hands. Stroking it is making me feel so good.

Now you know what you have to do you have to call so I can finish this beautiful dream of mine. My numbers at the bottom and at the top all you have to do is dial it, I am yours, all yours


CUM be my slut

Posted on August 8th 2016 by Trinity @ 6:17 PM


Hey boys it’s me and it’s been a bit since I’ve been on but I’ve been getting some good practice on how to fuck you boys up the ass. But I want to have a good time with you all and I want you to get on your knees and suck my beautiful massive cock when you look at my beautiful titties

so if you’re wanting to be slutty like me I got to do is make a phone call and I won’t bite unless you want me to these long legs can wrap around somebody while they’re riding real good and hot don’t forget my number is

Interracial No Taboo Tranny Transformation Phone Sex

Posted on August 12th 2010 by Janelle @ 3:56 AM

I had a wonderful call with the cutest little white sissy boy. He wanted to know if I could truly transform him into a beautiful woman. Now with some sissy boys you just can’t hide their male looks not without plastic surgery.

But with this cute little sissy we were already half way there. He has the prettiest feminine face and beautiful sapphire blue eyes and no adams apple to speak of. He has also grown his honey blond hair out to his shoulder blades so a little curl and wave and just the right color make up and bam you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at his face.

I would love to tell you everything so give me a call. Then again maybe you want this black Tranny to transform you?


Stevie says: Breasts are nice but I love dark meat best.

Posted on May 9th 2010 by Stevie @ 8:09 PM

Black on Blond is so Hot

Oh I know all about being politicly correct. But you don’t get to be me by always playing by the rules. I LOVE A BAD BOY.I LOVE A BIG BLACK BOY. I LOVE A BIG BAD BLACK BOY THE BEST! LOL
Don’t you think a sexy blond tranny with her lips wrapped around a huge swingin black cock is just the wettest picture? I know it can always bring out the slut in me if I turn to the mirror and thats what I see. Oh I would never turn down any color cock, it’s all good,but for extra wicked fun , interracial gets me everytime. Do you share my tastes? Call and lets compare notes and anything else that cums up. Kiss me quick. then suck me long. Love Stevie Heres The Spot to Click For Hot.

Blond tranny & Black man fun

Posted on October 6th 2009 by Stevie @ 12:01 PM

One night I was dancing when I had one of the wildest experience of my life. That night I was wearing a rather provocative schoolgirl uniform. I had on a white button up blouse opened up to reveal a dark purple bra that was covering my gorgeous new tits. The bottom was tied off to expose my little flat stomach which was dusted w/ a little glitter for added eye candy. My long sandy hair was done up in pigtails and I donned a plaid miniskirt that barely covered a purple thong underneath. I loved showing off my ass in all of my outfits. Besides, it was my best feature besides, perhaps, my face. My long legs were covered halfway with white thigh high stockings that led down to a shiny pair of black high heel school shoes. That night I stole the show as every man, most of them straight, drooled at my seductive clothes and dancing. After all, tonight I was everyman’s ultimate fantasy, a naughty schoolgirl.

As I slithered around my cage to the loud music, I noticed a tall dark man watching me from across the strobe lit dance floor. It was a tall black man wearing a black leather jacket, black shirt, and black pants. He certainly had a strikingly handsome appearance and stood out in the crowd. When our eyes met I smiled at him seductively and slowly ran my hands down the sides of my body. Still looking at him I turned around and bent over slightly so my skirt would ride up and expose my thong clad heart shaped ass. The fact that he was so mesmerized turned me on but when I looked over my shoulder I was shocked to discover he had taken his interest a step further. He was now right in front of my cage staring up at my round ass through the bars. Without thinking I placed my delicate hands on my ass and teasingly ran them down my cheeks to my thighs. I looked over my shoulder down at him again and saw that he now had one hand on his crotch touching himself. My nipples hardened in amazement and I finished giving his show until the song ended.

Taking a break, I stepped out of my cage and went to the bar to have a drink. Before I could take the first sip of my cocktail I felt a big body gently touch brush against me from behind. I knew who it was when I felt a big hard dick poke against the crack of my ass. Then a whisper came into my left ear. “Baby, I’ve gotta have you. When I saw you up there you made me so hard and I know you loved it.”

I smiled and played along nodding as I sipped my drink. The music was still very loud and the bar was quite crowded so I gently rubbed my ass against the big black stud’s crotch. He moaned loudly and then I felt his big hand slide underneath my skirt. He rubbed my crack and slid his fingers between my legs until they brushed my panty clad balls. As if under a spell of lust, I reached behind me and rubbed my hand against his pant covered dick. Obviously, he was pleased because next I heard his zipper and then felt his hand guide mine to the hole in his pants. I slid my hand into his pants and my fingers immediately found the length of his rock hard dick, and he wasn’t wearing underwear which turned me on even more. I could feel him breathing heavily against me as I stroked his big meaty cock right there at the crowded bar. He grabbed my neck and turned me around to face him. I looked into his eyes and he raised finger to my mouth. I impulsively slid my lips over it and slithered my tongue around it looking at him. I then felt his cock poke against the front of my skirt. He leaned in and whispered in my ear “come with me angel.”
Wanna hear more? Call me… Stevie

Welcome to Tranny Round Up

Posted on September 15th 2009 by admin @ 4:04 AM

Welcome to the Tranny Round Up Blog. This is where you are going to find information about our Special Girls. Cum on in Cowboy and enjoy rounding you up a hot Tranny! Enjoy our TGirls and their hot stories.

Let our Transgenders make you smile with a funny little ditty. Then again maybe one of our kinky Transexuals will make you laugh with a wonderful Joke. No Matter what our Shemales and Chicks with Dicks know exactly how to entertain you.

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