Dreaming of you

Posted on September 1st 2016 by Trinity @ 2:49 PM

  • Trinity

    I can’t wait for you boys think of me a call I want to see that little sexy Sissy Clit that you have I want to see your pretty little boy pussy and that sissy boy is all mine. I can’t wait can’t you tell I want you to call me and I want you to call me now. I want you to give me some hot raunchy nasty phone sex let’s do it come on baby I had a dream the other night that you came in and you stood in front of me and you bent over and you bent over to my cock and got it hard you’re beautiful sexy mouth and you got on top of the road me don’t you want to do that.

    Call me baby let’s discuss everything you want to do there’s a few things that I might have about myself too. Let’s talk and have some raunchy nasty sex, mmmmm. Can’t wait

  • Heat slave Heat slave Cum Out To Play

    Posted on January 20th 2014 by Stevie @ 9:43 PM

    That’s right baby your still in my mind when I get into an extreme dominating moods. I want to be shoving favorite things into your piss hole to hear your reaction, I want you to scream my name out loud or in your head anytime you think of sexy fun objects fucking your cock hole or the burn you feel with every piss after we heat up that cock of yours. Be sure to get to your Master sooner than later, I have plans for you…..

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    Calling all Wanabe Cum-buckets….

    Posted on December 14th 2013 by Isabella @ 9:54 AM

    You think you got what it takes to be my pet? Think you have the goods to be a worthy cum-bucket? You better hope you do – it takes a real slave to know how to worship and obey one like me, if you think you have the stones to take my stilleto heel – try me!

    You better be prepared to be under my thumb – to talk when spoken to, to keep your eyes to yourself while I can look anywhere – to be my squirming Siamese cat of a boy – under my thumb.


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    Shemale Domination Anyone?

    Posted on November 15th 2013 by Janelle @ 10:49 PM

    I had a very entertaining phone call where the sexy dick on the other end of my telephone wanted me to not only turn him into my little slut but get his sweet ass stretched severely…and let me tell you he was very surprised with the ideas that just rolled off of my sexy tongue and into your ear. Tell you about all the things I would sit back and stroke myself to watching you do all I say to serve and please me. I can be your submissive whore or your extremely dominating Mistress so call me and give me a taste.




    Dominant Hung Trinity

    Posted on October 23rd 2013 by Trinity @ 8:02 PM

    The name to you can be Mistress Trinity and I am here to show you where all you sissy boys belong, on your knees and begging for my cock. My body is beautiful, my cock is 8 1/2 inches, and my desires for you are very kinky. Whatever your specific fetish is I’ll bet I’ve dominated it. I have played with sharp things, large tables to tie you to, cages to lock you in, or even just basic paddles, whips & leashes to drag you around on, have you be my human table. I’ll have you worshiping my ass and balls until your cock is so close to screaming your cum out.

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    Sexy Dominant Trinity

    Posted on June 30th 2013 by Trinity @ 11:32 PM

    Hello all my shemale lovers and Bi curious boys alike. I am Trinity and am here to be your orgasmic fantasy! You can look at all my up-skirt and teasing naked pictures while you hear my voice over the phone telling you moment for moment what I would do to you. I love you all- my boys who want to just have a classic sexy night with a sexy woman such as myself that has the “extra” you need, to my bitch boys that want to be my slaves or maybe you get so hot n wild over me dirty dancing all night at the club and you can’t keep your hands off me on the way back to your place, but when you find out I have a cock and you have a problem with it I hold you down and force fuck you. Whatever that crazy perverted mind has in store for me I will play it out better than you’ve ever imagined…and hell…I may have already very well lived it out for real so can speak from experience to make you cum!

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    Sexy Dominant Janelle Shemale

    Posted on February 12th 2013 by Janelle @ 2:06 AM

    I love my sissy boys who are always ready to please their mistress in whatever I require of them. To get you in a pair of panties, a collar, maybe even invite some friends over for you to serve and wait on . You  love to do all I say and take pleasure in it pleasing me. Getting you down to your hands and knees in a good fuckable and suckable position, ready to serve and worship me in every way. Here’s a small example of how powerful even just a call over the phone with me can me..Call me now for your beautiful Shemale Mistress!