Shut up and suck!!!

Posted on September 21st 2012 by Dulce @ 11:38 PM

I love it when sissy boys call me and want to suck my cock and can you beleive it they want to be just like me? Wow I feel so blessed to have what I have going on. But I love to dress my sissy boys up and make them do nasty things for me.
So if you are curious or just want to suck a BIG SHEMALE DICK. Call me we are sure going to have fun.



Where All My Sissy Boy Sluts Out There?

Posted on September 20th 2012 by Janelle @ 2:32 PM

Today was VERY fun as Dulce & I got together to help punish a sweet little sissy boy who was acting VERY naughty in school. We had to show him just what happens when you don’t pay attention and listen to your teachers in school….needless to say he will be naughty again in the future just to get Mistress Dulce and Mistress Janelle back to punishing him! The most joyous part was inviting some hard-working construction men from down the street to help us. Our first willing gentleman was a VERY well hung black man with 12 inches of cock ready to make our naughty little student show Dulce & I on him that he was worthy of sucking our beautiful cocks. Our student slut begged the man and pleaded that he would suck his cock very well….but our large black friend was not satisfied with just that. So we dressed up our sissy boy in a pink skirt and bra, long hair and make up so that he was true to being our whore. Once our student was perfected from head to toe we stretched his mouth out with that 12 inch cock. At the sight of this my cock got so hard, I decided our school girl had now earned his right to pleasure the cocks of Dulce and I so we traded off filling him up with our cocks from both ends…mouth and pussy hole until we had our cocks rubbing together both in his mouth at the same time. It was very pleasing to see our little whore school boy doing just as we said in order to deserve the bukkake explosion he got across his face.

This is just ONE of the boys we play with…So whether you would like some 1-on-1 time with me and all I have to offer or if you want to REALLY indulge yourself in having any two shemales of your choice, we are ALWAYS willing and waiting for you to just make that call to us. Think of ALL the combinations possible of having two ladies on the phone with you!! We have every lady imaginable to choose from…from barely legal, to shemale, to milf and gilf. Whatever your fetish, we got you covered. So don’t just sit there pick up the phone, send and email or IM and let’s get down to dirty sexy business!



Dress up time!!!

Posted on September 19th 2012 by Isabella @ 12:44 AM


Dirty Tranny phone sex Special

Posted on September 3rd 2012 by Dulce @ 10:08 PM

I have a big hard on for boys that like me to dress them up. I have this one slave that jumps to every command I give him. I love the shape of my sissy boys ass too. So round and heart shaped. You would never know I sissfied him.
So if you are looking for someone to tell all your dirty secrets I am the bitch to talk to. So call me and find out what Fantasies I have for you.

I am NO TABOO you name it I will do it.