Dress up time!!!

Posted on September 19th 2012 by Isabella @ 12:44 AM


Horny Blond Shemale Phonesex

Posted on April 21st 2011 by Stevie @ 9:08 AM

I am in the mood for a slow ride today. You know what I mean,right? I need a long sexy bout of serious forplay. Then follow it up with a” fuck me till I can’t walk” night of fun. So if you are in the mood too, give me a call. I have all the time in the world for you. Call and we will get this party started. 1-877-355-6330


Isabella Can Fix That!

Posted on January 20th 2011 by Isabella @ 5:09 PM

Ready For The Ride Of Your Life?

Hello , you can call me Izzy. That is quite a large package you have there. Bring it closer babe. Thats right, let me take a good look at your problem. Hmmm , I can fix that. Slide that big purple head right between my red lips and I.ll show you what I mean. There now if you would just turn around and grab your anckles I can finish what I just started. Slow baby, it can take all night if you like. If you want it fast and rough, well no problem. hang on tight. Izzy is ready to ride! Phone sex ultra fun is about to begin!

Lick me, stick me, Phonesex Tranny- Stevie

Posted on December 2nd 2010 by Stevie @ 8:52 AM

Oh I know you didnt expect a big package under my skin tight mini skirt, but while you have it in your hand why dont we play? I never kiss and tell. It is just our little secret. Shhhhh, I wo’nt hurt you baby,just let me show you some fun. Just take a taste, Ummmm now that was nice wasn’t it? Thats a good cum slut. Open those hot lips a little more and give it a long slow suck. Oh yes, you are gonna be so good at this. Let me slide my talented tongue right up in that tight ass of yours. I have been planning this since I first flirted with you in that bar. Admit it, I had you so hot you would have fucked me right there on the bar. Ok now lets play some more babe. Turn over and let Stevie show you all the fun you’ve been missing. ……

Wanna Play? Call me!

Jack Off For Jackie– Tranny Phone Sex

Posted on November 16th 2010 by Jackie @ 8:33 PM



$2.50 a minute of melt in your mouth not in your hands good phone sex!

Hi I’m Jackie… Your little jack off babe-licious T-Girl. I’m am a confident woman and a happy male. I rarely dress in male appropriate attire but when I do, I can still rock a suit. But oddly, when I dress in male clothes now, I feel like I am dressing up, pretending to be something or someone I am not. I love men and women. I realize life is way too short to start getting picky. I enjoy having my cock sucked on and while I love men, I know some women who can suck cock with the best of them. I consider myself to be a woman of substance with a mind of a whore. I am eager to learn about you. I am a bit of a control freak with a wicked temper so be ready for some hot times with me. I have a boyfriend who loves to listen in while we talk if that is ok with you so if he is around he may want to hear me get off with you.
I look forward to enjoy you soon.

Suck my stick bitch boy!

Posted on September 22nd 2010 by Stevie @ 12:59 PM


Sure you are used to me being the bottom and ALL sweet meat. Well Stevie gets roudy and nasty too baby. I have no trouble bending you over and slamming it in. All you sissy bitches need to remember I can have you anytime I want you. Did you think this pretty cock was free for the taking? Not. I am worth every buck you pay to suck me. Get you willing hot ass on the phone and you better look pretty for me. Full makeup and nasty sleazewear from head to toe. Run fuck me shoes included. CUM SEE HOT TGIRL STEVIE HERE


Posted on September 15th 2010 by Isabella @ 12:46 PM


Hi Boys,
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