8 minute cum

Posted on October 18th 2014 by Stevie @ 9:58 PM

I am wondering how my heat slave fared today.  After 5 days of waiting to cum, allowed to stroke 7 minutes each day until today!!

At noon today he was to go to a hiking trail with a beautiful view for the very memorable cum, pull down his pants naked dick to the sun.  A nut pick and heat prepared to be inserted in the little penis fuck hole 10 minutes of warming memorable heat pumping inside, baby did you go full length of the pick ? All the way in and out constant …………………

8 Minutes jacking of the shaft stroking – burning – heat … baby did you cum in your allotted time ??

Or do you wait until tomorrow at noon – 10 minutes on the inside & 8 minutes on the shaft ?  Do you make it this time ??  Do you wait until Monday now ?  What would the cards say ?

Are you thinking of me baby doll .. my sweet hottie slave … do not cheat ONLY 8 MINUTES to fulfill your task!!!

Heat balance of 7++++++

How did it feel to pull your pants down out in the wilderness with such a beautiful view while completing the task you were given ?? Did you feel free ?? Did you stay on task ??

8 minutes of sweet anguishing pleasure

I expect a full detailed report XOXOXOXO

Heat Factor 7+++++

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