Transgender Slut Role Play PhoneSex

Posted on December 27th 2009 by Marla @ 3:15 AM

That’s right boys and girls I am a Transgender Slut who enjoys Role Play of all sorts. Whether it be during PhoneSex or in a bar. I know you have all had that role play in your dreams.

Saddling up to the bar next to a beautiful woman and dancing and drinking all night with her. Feeling your bodies rubbing together on the dance floor or having her hand sliding up and down your inner thigh as you talk. Having her invite you home or to her room where she seduces you.

There are so many hot fantasies I love to play out and I know you do to. Don’t be shy I won’t bite unless you want me to. I LOVE to stroke my cock as we play out your sexy fantasy listening to your breath getting heavy just as you start to blow.

Give me a call and lets blow each others minds!


Merry Christmas Lover !

Posted on December 22nd 2009 by Calley @ 11:47 PM

Holiday Sex...Merry Christmas   #1-877-975-6936
Merry Christmas … Happy Holidays my sweet sexxxy lover! It is all about the love and the size of the package! wink~wink ;) !!! I hope you have a great holiday with you wife and girlfriend but please, please, please Papi…remember where your desert is! It is in between my sweet thighs!
If you don’t come and get it I am certain Santa will! I am waiting! Merry Christmas! XOXO Big HUGS Lover!


Posted on December 22nd 2009 by Stevie @ 9:21 PM

The life of a T-Girl is always So Busy! Just last weekend I was workingmy beautiful ass for tips at my favorite Tranny Cluc.

As I slithered around my cage to the loud music, I noticed a tall dark man watching me from across the strobe lit dance floor. It was a tall black man wearing a black leather jacket, black shirt, and black pants. He certainly had a strikingly handsome appearance and stood out in the crowd.

When our eyes met I smiled at him seductively and slowly ran my hands down the sides of my body. Still looking at him I turned around and bent over slightly so my skirt would ride up and expose my thong clad heart shaped ass. The fact that he was so mesmerized turned me on but when I looked over my shoulder I was shocked to discover he had taken his interest a step further.

He was now right in front of my cage staring up at my round ass through the bars. Without thinking I placed my delicate hands on my ass and teasingly ran them down my cheeks to my thighs. I looked over my shoulder down at him again and saw that he now had one hand on his crotch touching himself. My nipples hardened in amazement and I finished giving his show until the song ended.

Taking a break, I stepped out of my cage and went to the bar to have a drink. Before I could take the first sip of my cocktail I felt a big body gently touch brush against me from behind. I knew who it was when I felt a big hard dick poke against the crack of my ass. Then a whisper came into my left ear. “Baby, I’ve gotta have you. When I saw you up there you made me so hard and I know you loved it.”

I smiled and played along nodding as I sipped my drink. The music was still very loud and the bar was quite crowded so I gently rubbed my ass against the big black stud’s crotch. He moaned loudly and then I felt his big hand slide underneath my skirt. He rubbed my crack and slid his fingers between my legs until they brushed my panty clad balls.

 As if under a spell of lust, I reached behind me and rubbed my hand against his pant covered dick.

Obviously, he was pleased because next I heard his zipper and then felt his hand guide mine to the hole in his pants. I slid my hand into his pants and my fingers immediately found the length of his rock hard dick, and he wasn’t wearing underwear which turned me on even more.

I could feel him breathing heavily against me as I stroked his big meaty cock right there at the crowded bar. He grabbed my neck and turned me around to face him. I looked into his eyes and he raised finger to my mouth. I impulsively slid my lips over it and slithered my tongue around it looking at him. I then felt his cock poke against the front of my skirt. He leaned in and whispered in my ear “come with me angel.”
 This was  the begining of a long night of fun….

Wanna hear the rest? Shemale play is the best, let me show you how…..


Gym Shower Fun and Shemale Phone Sex

Posted on December 20th 2009 by Trinity @ 2:50 AM

I love working out at the gym don’t you? All those sweaty bodies makes me wet just thinking about it. Watching the men and women working themselves up sweating and breathing as if they just went a round in bed.

I usually like to go late nights when there isn’t to many people but enough for me to watch and fantasize about as I exercise. I close my eyes so I can hear every move and sound in the room as I work out. Listening to their heaving breathing imagining they are right behind me I can almost feel their breath on my back and neck.

After a few hours of working out and working myself up I took a swim and then hit the showers. I was the only one in the shower so I soaped up and relaxed feeling the hot water streaming over my body. I caught myself slowly stroking when I heard a noise and turned around.

There standing completely naked was this couple that I had been watching all night. I had seen them at the gym before. These two would make any man or women drool.

Seems they had been watching me as well and had waited then followed me into the shower. I was so caught up in my own little world I had not noticed anything. They came over to me and took over stroking me.

I guess they decided I needed another soaping but I wasn’t about to complain. Feeling their soapy hands roaming all over my body lightly rubbing across my nipples and cock. Having her soapy breasts rubbing across mine while feeling his hard cock bobbing and rubbing my ass.

I know you dream and fantasize about sexy Shemales like me.

So give me a call and lets have some hot Phone Sex and let me tell you exactly what happened during and after the shower!


Christmas Phone Sex Wiht Jojo

Posted on December 18th 2009 by Jojo @ 10:36 PM

You know you been wondering what it is like to have sex with a woman like me. Actually Trannys know all your special spots and how to make you so hard. With Christmas so close and all I will have specials for you new and old men who enjoy great kinky Phone Sex.

Let me take you and give you a Jojo special and make you see just how kinky, nasty, and sexy I can be. One trip to the bed with me and you will know why you called me.

Don’t hesitate and call me, even if a first timer . Everything stays between us and I am betting you be calling again.

Jojo: 1-877-767-7019

More than a woman and needing your sexy body next to mine.

A Body You Will Desire TO Have

A Body You Will Desire TO Have

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Have you Been a Naughty Boy -

Posted on December 17th 2009 by Dacey @ 7:18 PM

Well if you have – you must call me to share – there is nothing I like BETTER than a naughty boy and we both know you really want what I have, so pick up the phone – dial 1-888-693-0569 and let Dacey deliver JUST what a very naughty boy wants and needs! From the top of my pretty blonde head to the tips of those perfect pink toes – and all the delights in between – and you naughty boys know just what I mean don’t you -thats right this pretty girl is HUNG and you are dying to taste it aren’t you – well if you’ve REALLY been a naughty boy – and I know you have – its all yours.

Shemale Phone Sex for the Holiday

Posted on December 13th 2009 by Janelle @ 8:02 AM

You know you want it don’t try to deny it, Shemale Phone Sex for that extra special package delivery for the Holiday’s. I can’t wait to open all your hot packages. ~Wink~ As a matter of fact I already opened a couple of extra large packages just this week.

Oh, I have to share this little quote I found on the internet with all of you.
“Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.” ~ Dennis Miller
I know this is true because I have already had one visit from Santa and he promises me that he will visit again and again.

Give me a call so I can tell you how Santa let me sit on his lap!