Is It Penis Envy?

Posted on June 28th 2010 by Marla @ 3:52 AM

Is it Penis envy or is the world really that enamored with it? Almost every where you look you will find some one some where carving, cutting, painting, or molding a phallic symbol of some sort. Most time they use the excuse of it is just art.

Is it just art? I don’t think so. Though you know I do love a beautiful cock I some times wonder about this.

Then again in some instances it is just plain funny. Like burying your friend in the sand and then making it look like they have a huge/small dick or even making it look as if they have a dick for a head. Then of course it could just be that the person creating it is just dreaming it was theirs because they have a tiny little prick.

Well either way I have a special something you can play with all night long. I will be glad to let you have your hands all over it and me. So come on have some fun with a sexy Chick with a Dick and lets decide together why the cock is so important. ;-)


Call Calley…

Posted on June 24th 2010 by Calley @ 12:02 AM

I am ready for you any day of the week...just call me!
All you boys and men are special to me! You are so adorable when you have your sexy tounge down my throat and my cock in your hand when your sweet wife is ringing your cell phone off the hook while we are spending that special time together!
But, do not worry Baby! I won’t get jealous. I am not the jealous type. Just suck, stoke and lick me and I will do the same to you to keep you…oh, so, very happy! You will come back for more, time after time. And we can get real kinky Baby! It’s out sweet, sexy little secret. Call me! Nobody else needs to know! I am waiting. It’s getting real HARD! Just for you! Plus, I gotta a set of handcuffs! I want you to stay for a few hours with me. It will be fun! I AM HARD!
Call me! 1-877-975-6936

Shemale OTK Discipline Phone Sex

Posted on June 23rd 2010 by Trinity @ 6:36 AM

I just love when a man wants a Shemale to Discipline him for being Naughty. I had the one of the best Phone Sex calls last night. One of my guys admitted to me he had been real naughty and went out and hired a Tranny Escort to fuck him.

He loves to have me punish him when he has been extra nasty with his fun and by what he told me well he deserved the punishment I gave him. He has a special paddle wooden paddle just for our phone calls. When he calls me I always make him bend over with his naked ass up in the air but I have him picture him laying Over My Knees while he swings that paddle.

I made sure that he would remember his punishment at least for the next couple of days. ;-) I make him count out each swat and if I can’t hear him count or the sound of that paddle smacking flesh I make him start all over. I can’t help but laugh when he begs me to stop but he knows that unless I am satisfied with the amount of smacks he has to keep going.

Call me for some much needed Discipline!


Trashy Tranny PhoneSEX

Posted on June 20th 2010 by Claudia @ 7:55 PM

I love being Trashy and Raunchy having men fuck me any way they want. I have even had some women have there Nasty way with me. I am just a complete slut and love it when women and men fuck me so hard I can hardly walk.

I have a dirty mind and I just love kink of all sorts. If you can name it I have done it! From having women and their big huge strap ons to gang bang cum gobbling fun.

I have been known to have my way with innocent men and women as well. Making them think I am just a sexy slut and then pulling out my cock and giving them the biggest surprise of their sexual lives. I have had a few problems with surprising people that way but you know I even enjoyed their anger and punishments.

Give this Trashy Tranny the hottest PhoneSEX session. I can take everything and anything you want to give me. ;-)


Steamy SPA T-Girl PhoneSEX

Posted on June 17th 2010 by Riki @ 5:56 AM

I went to the Spa this last weekend and had a great time. Though I had myself poked, prodded, slathered, lathered, packed, and waxed and this was not even for fun. ~laugh~ What a girl will go through to look her best. ;-)

Well it seems that there are some very open minded men out there that enjoy a spa day as well. I myself find this refreshing to see a man willing to put himself through this just to look yummy. The Spa I went to is very unisex both men and women share the same facilities at the same time.

It was interesting to see men and women in the same mud bath. When I first seen there where guys and gals in there I was just a bit nervous ~shrug~ but what the heck right. Though I do think at least one guy was eyeballing some of us hoping for a spontaneous mud wrestling match. LOL

Well as you know I am a special woman and I don’t hide that fact. As a matter of fact even if I had wanted to I couldn’t not with all those hot bodies around me. I was very surprised to find that only one man seemed quite disgusted enough to always stay away from me.

Well I decided I needed time in the steam room. When I went in there was no one so I added more steam and laid back without my towel. I heard the door open and shut but by then I was to relaxed to worry or even open my eyes.

I would love to tell you every detail about what happened next. ;-)

So pick up the phone and give me a call!


Love me Phonesex

Posted on June 15th 2010 by Rosalie @ 7:55 AM

I must say I love a boy that just wants to please me in every way possible.  I’ve had the best time playing with you boys via phonesex, what a way to fulfill all fantasies and desires.  Down deep inside you’ve always wondered what it was like to have your hole penetrated, maybe you’ve even played with your little hole already?!?

When your pushing your hard cock into that wet pussy, deep inside you wonder what it really feels like to be on the receiving end.  So you come to a pretty girl like me to feel ;)


1-888-546-5855 Sweet Rosie Rosalie

Waiting for you

Too damn cute ;)   Don’t you agree ?

Just waiting for a squeeze love ~kisses~

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Sweet Me!

Posted on June 5th 2010 by Calley @ 9:49 PM

I am waiting just for YOU!  Call me!  You will be happy you did!
Hi Baby! Sweet me! That’s what all the boys say after they ‘kiss’ me!
How have you been sweet thing? MMMmmm! I wanna have some real fun with you! I just got off the phone with a “SISSY”! A real “SISSY” wearing ruffel panties and all! He was wearing lavender panties. What color panty are you wearing?? Pink? Purple? White? Call me and tell me!
I LOVE talking with a SISSY! Especially a cock sucking Sissy!
Call me! #1-877-975-6936