Is It Penis Envy?

Posted on June 28th 2010 by Marla @ 3:52 AM

Is it Penis envy or is the world really that enamored with it? Almost every where you look you will find some one some where carving, cutting, painting, or molding a phallic symbol of some sort. Most time they use the excuse of it is just art.

Is it just art? I don’t think so. Though you know I do love a beautiful cock I some times wonder about this.

Then again in some instances it is just plain funny. Like burying your friend in the sand and then making it look like they have a huge/small dick or even making it look as if they have a dick for a head. Then of course it could just be that the person creating it is just dreaming it was theirs because they have a tiny little prick.

Well either way I have a special something you can play with all night long. I will be glad to let you have your hands all over it and me. So come on have some fun with a sexy Chick with a Dick and lets decide together why the cock is so important. ;-)