Delicious Dacey with a Dick

Posted on July 11th 2013 by Dacey @ 7:13 PM


Dacey’s Delicious Dick

Posted on May 12th 2013 by Dacey @ 5:10 PM

My deliciously hard dick is waiting for you. You know you want it, your drooling for it, so cum and wrap those lips around it and feel it slide down your throat. You can see I want you, I’m hard and aching to bury my cock deep inside you. I want you on your knees so I can grab a fistful of your hair to hold your head in place and just pound away down your throat or bend you over and put it in your ass. You want to be my bitch behind closed doors when all the world sees is this hot blonde with long sexy to-die-for legs, beautiful tits, tight ass, the envy of all your friends. They don’t know your dirty secret, that you like the delicious dick I have too. Stop wasting time and cum suck me off and have the time of your life and be naughty with the best of both worlds…tits and a dick.


Start the New Year Right

Posted on January 2nd 2010 by Dacey @ 11:28 AM

It’s a New Year and its time for you to start it right – and I recommend a little bit of a walk on the wild side….you were a GOOD boy all 2009 now its time for your special reward and what could be MORE special than spending time with a very sexy lady – a very SPECIAL sexy lady with all the things you secretly crave and we know what I mean by that don’t we – tell Dacey all about it honey, how you dream of a pretty girl with that special something between her legs – yes I mean COCK thats right honey a chick with a dick! Sounds good doesnt it, so call me – let me seduce you into just what you want – my big dick in your mouth! 1-888-693-0569

Have you Been a Naughty Boy -

Posted on December 17th 2009 by Dacey @ 7:18 PM

Well if you have – you must call me to share – there is nothing I like BETTER than a naughty boy and we both know you really want what I have, so pick up the phone – dial 1-888-693-0569 and let Dacey deliver JUST what a very naughty boy wants and needs! From the top of my pretty blonde head to the tips of those perfect pink toes – and all the delights in between – and you naughty boys know just what I mean don’t you -thats right this pretty girl is HUNG and you are dying to taste it aren’t you – well if you’ve REALLY been a naughty boy – and I know you have – its all yours.

Long slow deep kisses…

Posted on December 3rd 2009 by Dacey @ 4:21 PM

Hmmmm yes I love kissing – like any woman – and I love to feel a man’s hands slowly caressing my skin – down my bare back – hmmmmm yes cup my ass pull me up tight against you – oh you like deep kisses too don’t you …I can FEEL it – now imagine doing that and more – and honey we can do more and there is so much more to be done. imagine how our date starts – you know i look good and you FEEL good out with a beautiful blonde on your arm – long legs shapely body – high heels. We have an intimate dinner and drinks lots of slow looks in each other eyes – others notice us – we make a HOT couple don’t we – playing footsie under the table! The ride back to my condo – deep kissing at every red light and stop sign – my hand on your thigh. Back at my place I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom – I push you down on my big king size bed – plush pillows – 800 thread count Egyptian cotton duvet – I slowly get you half undressed your shoes and pants off – there that feels better those pants were getting tight weren’t they – I stand at the side of the bed – slowly drop my slinky dress – oh those breasts look at them – those hips – that tiny little thong – looking tinier by the minute isn’t it because that little silk thong is not hiding my special surprize – there’s what you want you naughty boy! Now cum and get it – Dacey – 1-888-693-0569

I Like Em Big —-

Posted on November 28th 2009 by Dacey @ 10:52 PM

and stupid – oh yeah I do. I LOVE to get a big tough guy all turned on and baby I am just the kind of girl that can do – from my long legs to my fine ass to those beautiful tits to the top of my pretty blonde head I am just the kind of woman to get a man’s eye…and from there on its my game. And by the end of our date I have that big strong fella begging me to make him my bitch and I do – and I’ll make YOU my bitch too – you know you want to suck it – now call me and cum and get it! Dacey – 1-888-693-0569

Dacey will take you to the EDGE

Posted on November 7th 2009 by Dacey @ 1:55 PM

Hi I’m Dacey – and I want to have a real good time with you – and you know you want me too – take a good look at me – those legs, those eyes, hmmm the whole package aren’t I – and thats not even mentioning my actual package! And I know a few tricks too. How about we both do some edging together – I’m doing it right now – you know what edging is don’t you – stroking to the point of orgasm then pulling back. I promise I will drive you crazy with lust and desire! Now don’t be shy – I’ll be gentle – to start with. 1-888-693-0569

Dacey does it!

Dacey does it!

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