Dreaming of you

Posted on September 1st 2016 by Trinity @ 2:49 PM

  • Trinity

    I can’t wait for you boys think of me a call I want to see that little sexy Sissy Clit that you have I want to see your pretty little boy pussy and that sissy boy is all mine. I can’t wait can’t you tell I want you to call me and I want you to call me now. I want you to give me some hot raunchy nasty phone sex let’s do it come on baby I had a dream the other night that you came in and you stood in front of me and you bent over and you bent over to my cock and got it hard you’re beautiful sexy mouth and you got on top of the road me don’t you want to do that.

    Call me baby let’s discuss everything you want to do there’s a few things that I might have about myself too. Let’s talk and have some raunchy nasty sex, mmmmm. Can’t wait

  • Cum in to my world

    Posted on August 9th 2016 by Stevie @ 11:32 AM



    Hey Boys, it’s Stevie, let’s have some fun. I had a guy call me today he wanted to have me stand behind him so he can feel my breasts. He wanted to feel them pressed up against his back and my beautiful cock pressed against his ass. It was so hot that I was rock hard. And I so want to use that rock hard cock on you. So let’s get together and have some fun doesn’t that sound good?

    I have a desire to go out nobody knows that I’m a she-male. I’m on your arm just like candy. Then you lean over and kiss me and I kiss you back. You take me out on the dance floor, slow dance with me into the darkness. All this time you can feel my wrath against yours from both so excited because nobody knows. You take me and bathroom area for my skirt to take my rock hard cock in your hands. Stroking it is making me feel so good.

    Now you know what you have to do you have to call so I can finish this beautiful dream of mine. My numbers at the bottom and at the top all you have to do is dial it, I am yours, all yours


    CUM be my slut

    Posted on August 8th 2016 by Trinity @ 6:17 PM


    Hey boys it’s me and it’s been a bit since I’ve been on but I’ve been getting some good practice on how to fuck you boys up the ass. But I want to have a good time with you all and I want you to get on your knees and suck my beautiful massive cock when you look at my beautiful titties

    so if you’re wanting to be slutty like me I got to do is make a phone call and I won’t bite unless you want me to these long legs can wrap around somebody while they’re riding real good and hot don’t forget my number is

    Hot boner in the Basement

    Posted on September 7th 2014 by Stevie @ 9:09 PM

    I would love to see my pet today in the corner nose in the V, nut pick in his P-hole putting the heat inside.  My slave loves the heat and I love to administer the heat.  Sweet slave tucked in the basement, hidden from the world pleasuring me by whacking with heat.

    My slave cunt well now that’s another story.. lets heat pets hole just for me.  Big squeeze of heat on the firm cold handle insert in pet! repeat … a few weeks ago my pet stepped out of line and came back begging for forgiveness today.  Heat is always a good way of sweet punishment.  To top off our session today … pet had a task

    10 strokes inside – 10 strokes outside – heat – stroke – 33 minutes –  no cum NO NO not until tomorrow

    9:39 am Monday morning Slave may now stroke 33 anxious minutes before cum …  9:39 slave not a minute before … feel the burn and think of me sweets XOXO

    While thinking about your bad behavior .. you won’t be doing that again will you sweetness.

    Think of me … Love me

    Mistress Stevie  877-355-6330

    Please me baby

    Mistress Stevie  877-355-6330

    see you soon ;)

    9:39 Pet don’t be late

    Making a little Cock sucking Faggot Take it

    Posted on January 26th 2013 by Elizabeth Toppz @ 5:15 PM

    Here is a Snap shot of the video clip I just recorded. I made this little 22 year old Straight boy into a little cock sucking Faggot. Right away when he came in I told him to get on his knee and suck my fat Tranny cock. The litte Bitch was Gagging on my Cock like a true beginer lmao!!! I was so horny today I had to USE this Whore and I sure did.

    Like I said I pulled out my Iphone and recorded it all. Its available for $30.00 if you want. You can also call me to tell you the rest of the story.


    Elizabeth Toppz showing her unut cock to give a little taste of future cam shows 1-800-636-0840

    Posted on August 15th 2012 by Elizabeth Toppz @ 11:30 AM

    My name Elizabeth New Shemale in Town. I will be provisding but phone sex and Webcam shows. I posted this little Pic as a teaser so you can see what to expect. When your done viewing it Call me Bitch.

    Click on the link to view the video


    Sexy Latina Dulce

    Posted on June 29th 2012 by Dulce @ 7:13 PM

    My name is Dulce, I am your sexy Latina Mistress that will Rock your world. I am into a lot of stuff just ask any sissy boy that has talked to me. I will Dominate you and make you that good little sissy boy you always wanted to be. I will teach you everything you need to know. So take that suit off and put those panties and stockings on for Mistress Dulce. I love it when you wear pink!!!
    I am into
    Forced Cock Sucking, Sissification, CBT, Toilet Play, Ass, Foot, Body Worship, Role Play, Bondage, BDSM, Voyeurism, Rough Sex, Discipline, and More!

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