Need A Blonde Slut?Meet Stevie!

Posted on November 29th 2013 by Stevie @ 1:56 PM

I’m the blonde girl you’ve let your eyes follow every step I take in my beautiful high heels, low cut skirt and top. Once you get me home you love finding out the fact that I’m the beautiful sensual girl that you didn’t expect to have “something more” to please you with. I love all reactions when my nice sized cock gets pulled out of my panties whether you are taken back and and I get the pleasure of pinning you underneath my cock to force it into your mouth, or when you are excited for what you’ve found and take me with all I have. Whether you want a good submissive or extreme domination I’m your slut! So don’t waste time in calling me the second your cock gets hard for my pictures!

Shemale Stevie


Happy Thanksgiving to all our favorite Gobblers

Posted on November 28th 2013 by admin @ 10:30 AM

Jump on & Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all our favorite Gobblers

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Always have fun and Enjoy all you do

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Let me take you

Posted on November 16th 2013 by Marla @ 12:23 AM

You ready to suck my shemale dick? You know you’ve always wanted to have a cock like this in your mouth…don’t deny it. It isn’t scary – all you have to do is get down on your knees and open wide, very wide. If you do well at sucking my cock, you might just see what it is like to get fucked by a hot tranny like me. I’ll put you on your back, bend your legs back like the bitch you are and slide my hot cock right inside your boypussy. You think you can handle it? Would it help if I let you suck on my tits? Having a warm, wet mouth on my tits always gets me hard. Come be my fucktoy right now!
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Shemale Domination Anyone?

Posted on November 15th 2013 by Janelle @ 10:49 PM

I had a very entertaining phone call where the sexy dick on the other end of my telephone wanted me to not only turn him into my little slut but get his sweet ass stretched severely…and let me tell you he was very surprised with the ideas that just rolled off of my sexy tongue and into your ear. Tell you about all the things I would sit back and stroke myself to watching you do all I say to serve and please me. I can be your submissive whore or your extremely dominating Mistress so call me and give me a taste.



Sexy Holiday Sexy Shemale

Posted on November 1st 2013 by Calley @ 9:05 PM

I love always taking advantage of Halloween & getting my best slutty little school girl outfit and be the candy of everyone’s eye all night. This year I went walking about and then to a dance party that I got a lot of attention at which turned out very pleasurable. Let’s just say there ended up being a few pair of hands up my skirt…call me & I’ll tell you all about it :) :)

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