My precious pet XXXooo

Posted on April 30th 2014 by Bonnie @ 9:10 PM

Pet, last time we spoke you were going to the corner to spank your rod for a full 30 minutes and think of me and my soft flesh consuming you, controlling you.  After all thats why your in the corner spanking the rod ………. oh sweet pet what did you do to deserve the corner, that’s it stroke stroke sweet one

It will cost you $$$$

Rosalie the Goddess you serve … remember sweet pet I love it when your on your knees to please


Are you ready for your Goddess

Time to get fucked

Posted on April 18th 2014 by Marla @ 10:53 PM

So I’ve been having fun being the fuckee recently, but I’m ready to fuck hard now. Looking for someone to be my bitch and be bent over and fucked hard. Think you can handle being my bitch? Just taking my cock in your ass and mouth whenever and however I want it? Yeah, I think you can because you’re a good slut for my cock aren’t you? If you’re a really good boy, I’ll let you suck on my cock and my tits… 877 646 2315

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