My Nasty Night Out!

Posted on February 11th 2014 by Jojo @ 1:02 PM

I almost didn’t want to head to the bar on a Monday night thinking there wouldn’t be many to mingle with but boy was I wrong! I got dressed up in my favorite little red dress that goes just below my sweet ass cheeks, was in a real good mood and on the hunt for a good hung hungry cock! After a few drinks and many sexy stares my way I was approached by an extremely handsome man that was eager to get his hands on my hips and buying me a few drinks…..needless to say I headed home with him to his large nice house where he lived alone and things started getting kinky fast. the way my dress fit me while sitting down in his car I could see his urge to resist touching my legs all the way back to his place, so by the time we got in his front door he pushed me up against it and we began to make out so wildly, before I knew it I was laid on his bed in nothing but my matching red panties….the more he kissed down my body and got closer to my panties I couldn’t hide my hardness any longer, and boy was he pleasantly surprised. Turns out he’s always wanted a girl with a cock and continuously complimented me on how amazingly beautiful I was and surprised I had an even more beautiful cock underneath my dress. Let’s just say we sucked and fucked all night long, why don’t you call me for all the nasty details ;)
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Succulent Jojo Has Something For You To Suck On

Posted on January 29th 2014 by Jojo @ 11:46 AM

That’s right baby I’m Jojo and I’m not only a whole lot of woman but a whole lot of “extra toys” to play with up under my skirt. You’ll love my curves, my long luscious hair, my nice full breasts, but most of all my sweet hard cock to suck on. Whether you are so surprised when my cock comes creeping out of my skirt and we both have the pleasure of me forcing myself on you, or you’ve loved the thought of being with a shemale and know just how to treat me sexually all night, I’m your girl! I’m toll free to call so stop thinking about it & just call me, my sweet voice will relax you more than you know ;)

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Try A Taste Of Shemale JoJo

Posted on April 23rd 2013 by Jojo @ 9:38 PM

I am here for all boys from bi-curious to those of you who are shemale addicts that know just what you want to do with me. I’ve got very sweet 6 inches of uncut hard cock ready to be played with and served. I do love how you nervous bi-curious boys are so soothed by my voice and ease into us cumming together. I love to be sweet and sensual or maybe you like it a little rougher? I like to play into whatever role makes you cum for me. So send me an email or IM and we can chat there or just put those nice big full balls to the wall baby & just pick up that phone & call me! I’ll be waiting…….


Jojo’s “Extra Package” Just 4 U

Posted on March 29th 2013 by Jojo @ 1:26 AM

Well Well….I am extremely excited to always be available for all of my bi-curious, sissy, crazy kinky men that love to call me for a good time. Some of you who know me know this is all that I do for a living so you bet your sweet as my pussy is wet and cock hard anytime my phone rings. You may have seen me walking the streets having that thought of “OMG what a beautiful beautiful ass woman” and finding yourself searching and searching for me…and THERE I am all of a sudden…on the site you found and to your surprise completely naked. How overwhelmed your cock becums knowing that I am wanting all the nasty thoughts you had in your head the first time you watched me walk down the street in my thigh-high latex boots, mini skirt and completely revealing top. Now that you have my sheek slender sexy ass where you want me I hope you don’t back out of rushing to your phone and getting that hand wrapped around your cock for me as if it were my lips anxiously getting ready to suck you off. Whether you’ve been with a chick with a dick before…don’t be shy to try me. Anything we do can stay between us, of if you get kinky enough I can post blogs telling the world about what I do with you ;)

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Let Jojo Make Your Secret Desire Cum True With Phone Sex

Posted on March 5th 2010 by Jojo @ 10:33 PM

Bobby had come over and just let himself in. I was in my underwear sitting at the vanity. He had come up behind me as I was putting my make up on. Whispering in my ear how beautiful I was. Then I looked at him curiously as he was picking up my lipstick. He then told me his secret desire to look as beautiful as me. I smiled and told him I could help him make that desire cum true.

He was all excited now and I let him sit at my vanity while I worked on his face. He had black hair with blue eyes and that was to me a big turn on. I found the right eye shadow and color of lipstick for him. A nice blush and eyeliner He was turning into a good looking woman. I then brought down my black wig and brushed his hair up and pinned it out the way to put the wig on. It had nice black curls around his face and tapered down his back. I asked if he wanted me to stop here or let’s find clothes for him. He was nodding and standing to look at my wardrobe for something.

I had him undress and then let him look through my closet while I looked for things for him in my pantie drawer. I found nice bikini panties and a french bra. I had him put that on while I examined what he chose to wear. I had to smile a little and notice he picked out slutty clothes.

He had picked out knee high boots no hose and a black slinky skirt with a white blouse. I let him dress and said I would return and left the room. I sneaked in the other room and called Johnny to come over meet my new girl friend. He was very agreeable and said he would come over. Then I went back to see to Bobby and smiled at how he looked. I asked him to pose for me.

We left my bedroom to the living room and then the door bell rang. I opened the door and saw Johnny there and invited him in. He was introduced to Bobby Ann as my friend and after a few drinks and visiting Johnny asked me if Bobby Ann was more than a woman like me. I said yes and very sexy too.

Needless to say what went on after that. I can say this that Johnny had a wonderful time and Bobby got his secret desire to cum true and me? Well I got to play with them both all night. It was a night that won’t be forgotten by any of us.

Call and let me tell you what happened. Or better yet tell me your secret desire.

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Cum Naked And Let Me Dress You Up

Tranny Dress UP With Phone Sex

Posted on October 9th 2009 by Jojo @ 2:13 PM

I had this great call that I just had to share with you and it is true too.

This man called for phone sex and had a special request. Of course his fetish was to be a woman but there was more to it. He wanted to be just like me.

Well I could not resist his need to be feminine. I told him first to get naked and we start in my pantie drawer. I asked him his favorite color and if he like a nice thong or bikini pantie. Then we looked at pantie hose and stockings. He loved the garter belt I picked out and the black stockings. Next we went through my bras and chose a french cut lace one that hooked in the front. Last but not least I found some ankle socks rolled to put in the bra to give him a nice full C cup.

Next we went to the closet and we found him a great skirt and blouse to wear. His color was black so a nice short black skirt and white blouse was chosen. Then a nice pair of black high heels that fit him.

He so wanted blond hair like mine so a nice blond wig was chosen his wardrobe complete.

We did a little more of course at the vanity table first thing was to put the makeup on. Nice blue eye shadow and eyeliner. Base and blush with ruby red lipstick.

Once we put it all together and he had it all on perfectly then he had to show it off and modeled for me.

I shocked him with my boyfriend in the other room that took and used him like the necklace said he was. A Slut .. Now if you want to know what all happened to my man I dressed up? You will have to call me and find out.

It was a night he will never forget.

JoJo 877-767-7019

Maybe you like me to dress you up too. Be more than A Woman like me.

Welcome to Tranny Round Up

Posted on September 15th 2009 by admin @ 4:04 AM

Welcome to the Tranny Round Up Blog. This is where you are going to find information about our Special Girls. Cum on in Cowboy and enjoy rounding you up a hot Tranny! Enjoy our TGirls and their hot stories.

Let our Transgenders make you smile with a funny little ditty. Then again maybe one of our kinky Transexuals will make you laugh with a wonderful Joke. No Matter what our Shemales and Chicks with Dicks know exactly how to entertain you.

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