T-Girl Phone Sex with a Twist

Posted on May 31st 2010 by Janelle @ 11:26 AM

I had a call from a gentleman yesterday and I loved his little role play he wanted. I was to be his baby sitter hired by his Mistress. Seems he had been such a naughty boy she could not leave him alone while she went away for the day.

She left me with a list of things he was to do and have done to him as punishment for being such a bad boy. One of the first things he was to do was clean the bathroom from top to bottom with a toothbrush. Now that is bad enough but he had to hold the toothbrush in his mouth and not use his hands while doing this.

If at any time he did use his hands I was to use a wooden paddle that had holes drilled in it on his ass. He was not to stop scrubbing until that bathroom sparkled. Now I look gentle but I do know how to keep a subbie in line.

I took her at her word and when he was done everything in that bathroom sparkled and he also had a nice cherry red ass. She also had him wearing a special metal chastity device she had specifically made just for him. This device had notches in it where special little torture devices could be inserted.

Now I will say I followed her instructions down to the very last detail and had such a fun time with his CBT punishment I just have to share it all with you. So if you want to know everything pick up that phone and call!


She-male Stevie plays hard

Posted on May 26th 2010 by Stevie @ 12:58 PM

I was hoping you would find this blog. I’m looking for a hot guy to play with. The last one just wore out . lol I have to be careful not to break my boy toys. Once I get them out’a the box they never want to go back in. I love to live hard, play hard and stay hard .It’s such fun when I find a new playmate to see just what makes them run hot. I can find more ways to test them than you can imagine. I dont mean to be so roudy, but hey, A girl gets carried away . Ya know? Give me a call if you think you can keep up. If not ,thats ok too, Ill just use ya again later. As I said, Girls just wanna have cum, Opps, I mean fun lol. Heres The Link For My Bio So We Can Play. PS Blonds do have more fun!

Call me -1-877-355-6330

Are you ready to play hard?

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CBT Phone SEX with Dominant Shemale

Posted on May 23rd 2010 by Dulce @ 3:05 PM

You boys sound so nervous when you call me. Is it because you know your calling a Dominant Shemale? Or because you already know that what you truly want is for someone to put the hurt on your twig and berries?

I think it may be a combination of both. Having s sexy woman like me standing over you with my special pkg right there bouncing in front of you. Knowing that at any moment I am going to take my soft hands or feet and torture your cock and balls. Loving the idea makes you so excited it scares you doesn’t it?

It is ok to be a little scared because I know just how to take care of those bats and balls. ;-)


T-Girls Like Sissies to!

Posted on May 20th 2010 by Trinity @ 2:05 PM

hmm Maybe I should say T-Girls Love Sissies or at least I know I do. I have quite a stable full of pink frilly lacy wearing sissy boys. They love that I know just how to make them feel like the sissy they are.

I found this picture and it is a true representative of what my sissies do when I get them together for little parties for my friends.

So come on and grab your phones and know that we love you in your pink frilly lacy outfits!


Hot Tranny Lovin’

Posted on May 18th 2010 by Calley @ 11:44 AM

HOT SUCKS! HOT LICKS! CALL NOW! #1-877-975-6936
YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Call me! I am so HARD I could stir your coffee with my suga’ stick! MMMmmm! You know you want it and as I told you before baby, we don’t have to tell your wife! As a matter of fact .. bring her! Now that could be fun and a new twist for me! I’d love to give your wife some Tranny Lovin’. DO you think she would like my swizzle stick more than yours? Who knows, your sweet wifey might be comin’ to me for some HAWT LOVIN’! Let’s share! I want your wifeys pussy and your sweet man pussy too! Call me! Let’s explore our options of some family fun time! YOU, ME, and your beautiful WIFEY! Let me be the judge of who can suck me off better!
I am waiting! #1-877-975-6936

A Little Funny but Serious Fun!

Posted on May 16th 2010 by Marla @ 1:34 PM

How many times have you wished it was just a bit bigger? I know I have and we all know that morning wood is the hardest right? Well I found the perfect picture for us all to enjoy.

Now this is some serious wood. ~Wink~ A bit to big but still yummy to fantasize about. Think of all those fetish dreams this could satisfy.

So tell me if you had that where would you want to stick it. ~Smile~


Izzy -Lovin the sun

Posted on May 14th 2010 by Isabella @ 11:00 AM

Are you ready for heat? Both sexual and summer. Sexual heat with me of course. Its just the best forplay for me when I lay around my place all sleazy and hot, doing even hotter phonesex. The other kind of heat is the best for this sun worshiper too. Do you like the way my tan highlights my tittes? Is the look of my white ass peeking out of my panties hot? I think so. I can show you more if you like. Summer is the best time to flirt my way into a great summer LAY.I love the way you guys all stare when I slip into my tiniest little summer tops and strut by. Long tanned legs with a super short leather skirt and whore- high- heels gets me laid everytime. Guess Im just a born flirt. A girls gotta have a good time ,right? Dont worry, Im no tease. I put out like the hot little tranny slut I am. And Proud of it Too. So come get it while it’s hot boys! Izzy is in the mood for red hot summer sleaze,mixed with a whole lotta phone sex fuck. Call me right now. Why wait? Lets party! CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE ISABELLE PICS & INFO TO PLAY PHONEFUCK WITH ME.
caption id=”attachment_501″ align=”alignleft” width=”494″ caption=”Wanna See My Tan ?”]Tan Tranny [/caption]