Bottoms up

Posted on March 28th 2014 by Marla @ 11:42 PM

Like I wrote in my last post, I have been enjoying bottoming for naughty men recently. I don’t know what is going on, but I’ve just been loving being bent over and fucked, or being on my back and fucked. Any position that involves your cock and my dirty hole is what I want. And, for you boys that want to bottom for me, never fear – I am still more than capable and willing to fuck you senseless and make you my bitch. So what will it be? Who will bottom for whom? 877-646-2315

Attention Cum Eaters!

Posted on March 11th 2014 by Isabella @ 6:06 PM

You know damn well who you are, too – you dirty boys who love the taste of my sweet cream or maybe its the taste of your own you crave! Either way call me and I will humiliate you and tease you into splooging a big wet mess into your own hand and licking it clean, and you will do it because you know better than to disobey a direct order!

Do I sound harsh – tough, you want to hang with the big dogs you better be prepared to bark with them, and darlin I may be girly and pretty but make no mistake I AM a big dog!

Izzy – 1-866-860-6969

Sometimes you feel like a nut…

Posted on March 2nd 2014 by Riki @ 1:45 PM

…..and sometimes you want to feel a spike heel ON your nut – yeah thats right bitch, I will pin your nutsack to the floor with my stilletto and do a little dance and you will LOVE IT and beg for more.

I know how to get all you bitches right where you secretely want to be – on your knees at my feet begging for any taste of me even my piss you are a disgusting group but you’re MY disgusting group and I will have obediance.

On the other hands, the rewards are good now aren’t they – that’s right we do love each other because honey sometimes it just hurts so fucking good!